• the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
  • synonyms: declaration, statement, assertion, proclamation, pronouncement, attestation.


  1. The piano in the garden
  2. Saving a soul
  3. I fell under your spell
  4. All he wanted
  5. Please believe me
  6. My child's memories
  7. From the bridge
  8. He didn’t mean to fall in love
  9. Lovers leap
  10. Re-establish the connection
  11. Love letter
  12. ‘Where we were’
  13. ‘I took my heart apart’
  14. A glorious day
  15. ‘As Myers-Briggs admits’

1. The piano in the garden

The piano stood silent in the garden

As the sun shone through the trees

Lowering below the skyline it gently fell

The tune from the piano strings began to play

A tune so powerful to fix the heart

Yet when true darkness fell

The tune went too

Leaving the heart wanting to hear more

The rising sun brought the tune back again

Louder than before as my eyes opened

My heart instantly racing I opened the window to hear more

The view obscured I ran to the courtyard

After a stumble and a fumble

I opened the door to see the sun rise in the sky

With the final note of the tune been played

It resonated around the yard

How such a tune could make the heart skip and jump

But who played the tune I fear I will never know

The sun rose higher into the sky

Reluctantly I turned away from the piano where the tune had played

For the rest of the day my mind did not wander far

From the thoughts of the tune resonating over and over in my mind

The tune that played must have been from you

A reminder that you are never far away

A tune that will send me softly to sleep

Or wake me with a bright start for another day

The piano may stand still but the tune will play

And continue to play and never end.

2. Saving a soul

Your sinking soul

I’d save

Even if

It sinks

Into mine

So we’re able

To save

One another

For one more

Chance together

To rise above

Towards the surface

And beyond

Where our souls

Will survive

And be alive.

3. I fell under your spell

I looked towards you

My eyes couldn’t look away from you

And so that remained

Forever so

I fell under your spell

But no one else could tell

So I stayed within my shell

My eyes wide

I felt nervous inside

Your beautiful broad smile

Lasted upon me for a while

I was beside myself

As I couldn't decide

What my first words would be

That I'd say to you

Within my shell

My nerves rattled

My eyes remained fixed upon you

And so that remained

Forever so

My first words now forgotten

I cottoned on to the wavelength

That you and I were ultimately on

I fell under your spell

But I in turn imparted magic

As I couldn’t look away from you

And you couldn’t look elsewhere

Love at first sight it must have been

As my eyes are in love as much as my heart.

4. All he wanted

All he wanted

Was to give his words to her

Words that resonate

In his mind over and over

The words

Unheard or not

He still loved her

Breaking his own heart

There was no need to break hers

For hers was taken

All he wanted

Was to share his thoughts

With the like minded heart

That is you

He still loved her

Because heart agreed with his mind

It was love that was felt

The words

Unheard or not

They resonated

And still do

Every time

He sees her eyes

Breaking his heart he did no more

Instead when those eyes

Looked deeply into his

He simply smiled

Thinking to himself

That the love is there

If it is ever needed

The words

Unheard or not

He still loved her.

5. Please believe me

Please believe me

When I say

I like you

Please believe me

When I say

I’d like to dance with you

Please believe me

When I say

You make my heart smile

Please believe me

When I say

Your laughter is infectious (like your smile)

Please believe me

When I say

I live for you and to be near to you

Please believe me

When I say

I love you

Not the pretend love, the real love

The love that means I’d die for you

Please believe me

When I say

And what I say

Because it is what I say

And what I feel


I wouldn’t say

Anything at all.

6. My child's memories

I want my child's memories

To be that of trees and sunshine walks

Playing on the beach

(Even though it won’t be each week)

With sounds of laughter always aloud

Even if the clouds cover our sunshine

I want my child to see the world

With their own beautiful eyes

(My goodness she has beautiful eyes)

And not in front of a TV screen

Or mobile phone

Where entertainment is that of an APP(lication)

That saps the mind of outdoor times

And precious time itself

There is never enough time

Only when it runs out

We then think

If only…

If only I…

‘If’ becomes prominent

So time with my child

Is a time when moments matter

And being there for them

Is what truly matters

(Even if my patience is in tatters from little matters)

When I hear the laughter of my child

That I have caused by a silly face

Or talking puppets that make me look like a muppet

I only want to capture it in a bottle

Pure happiness in a sound

It’s JOY within


Making the world a much nicer place

I want my child's memories

To be happy and free

And always knowing

That there is always more to see

With her beautiful eyes.

7. From the bridge

What would it be like to fly from the bridge

Across the Menai over the shore soaring through the trees

The water below the bridge flows and is not slow

A rush it would be to sail out to sea if I were to go

Taking the chance and following your heart

Instead of hiding I stride out to find out how far I will fly

Mountain high I hope to fly to see the beauty of the land

Land where we walk and talked and gave everything for the day

Flying high I would see the land that we live on

The paths that we have walked and the mountains to conquer

Sometimes in life we want to fly away

But the fast flowing water and the mountains high

Are our challenge in life to take on [unexpectedly] and survive

From the bridge to the mountains to the Strait below and out to the sea

Life brings us challenges that are here to test our heart and soul.

8. He didn’t mean to fall in love

He didn’t mean to fall in love

But after he met you he could feel no other way

The moment his eyes captured her light

It was like a switch had been flicked

He didn’t mean to fall in love

However at the end of the day

That is what happened

And that switch has never been flicked back

Whatever the light would be that day

It would have lit up his heart anyway

With beauty that strong he had to hang on

He didn't mean to fall in love

But who decides when and who you fall in love with

(Love is exhilarating but the sudden stop can cause some pain)

Falling in love his eyes met the light

That would shine brightly for longer than could ever imagine

His heart said to him to fall in love

And gladly the mind and soul accepted

He didn’t mean to fall in love

But after he met you he could feel no other way.

9. Lovers leap

From the view

We stand

We could leap

Holding hands

Side by side

Not knowing how far we’d fall

It’s a leap to take

Even if we end up in a heap

Beauty in the eyes

As are the surroundings

We leap in love

As our hearts are strong

Lovers leap

We are deep

In love

Deep like the thoughts

Of the steep steep hills

Take the leap

Forget the beauty sleep

I love your heart

As it starts my world every day

Let me sweep you off your feet

With our beauty ready to leap

We will keep one another safe

No need to weep

As I will brush the tears away

When hurt or unwell

The leap in love

We will take

Holding hands

Side by side

When one day

We’ll sleep

In each other's arms

All because

We took the leap.

10. Re-establish the connection

The link is broken

When clicked it goes nowhere

Error 404 page appears

When others meddle

With what they don’t know

The link is broken

And the connection is lost

When the link worked so well

Why change or comment

To change what is great

And before it’s too late

What was is now broken

Fixing the link just takes one click

But the minds behind the greatness that was

Need to connect and rebuild what was

But with what has been said to damage the link

The code has changed and the script reads differently

You and I are the link that we will rebuild

As if we don’t the error page will keep being seen

And for people to see what they created

Is letting them win and this cannot be

We are the connection and let’s make a reaction

Take action to re-establish the connection

With the right code and so the script is read right

Because it is that in which makes us great

And in turn we combine to define the connection.

11. Love letter

Does anyone still write love letters?

Or is it now a lost art

Writing the words of the heart

Taking time and thinking of how one feels

Penning the words that sometimes are too hard to say

But written they become somehow more factual

The heart pace eases and the words are now free

Or is it just instant love

Like instant messaging

Press send and await the reply

Jumping straight to ‘I like you‘

‘I love you’

Let’s go out together?

Now let’s jump into bed??

See that it’s delivered, read

But always scared of the what the response may be

No matter what how the message is

Or how it is delivered

The wait is long and nerve racking

Does anyone still write love letters?

Because if love is worth the wait

A handwritten letter

Would show more to he or she

That you feel so strongly inside

It’s just if we’re willing to wait

In what one another feels

Does anyone still write love letters?

Or have times changed

A love letter to me says more to me

But times have changed

So press send

And wait nervously inside.

12. ‘Where we were’

Where we were

I'd forgot

So many memories

I'd forgotten a few

Until I saw you

Like a flash of lighting

The memories came back

With the feelings

Felt as strongly then

They do so now

For this moment

We'd could be

Where we were

With forgetting

Everything that is now

As this moment

Hasn't occurred

Since it was forgotten

Where we were

We never were as near now

As we were then

Where we were

I remember fondly

If not forgetting

Some details

Where we were

I tried to find the past

But it wasn’t there

As it had already been

And gone

Where we were

I'd forgot

As time had past

And the effect of time

Had taken some memories.

13. ‘I took my heart apart’

I took my heart apart

So that I could fix it onto yours

My heart is worthless

If it doesn’t work with you

Carefully I took it [my heart] apart

Finding the right place to put it on yours

Our hearts beat the and rhythm

And keeping one another calm

I took apart my heart

To show you everything

As everything that I have to offer

Only works when you and I are one

I took my heart apart

So that I could fix it onto yours

As I only hope when your heart sleeps

[For tonight or forever more]

Mine too will sleep with you.

14. ‘A glorious day’

A glorious day to walk

With you in mind

And by my side

A glorious day

Like when I met you

In a class of your own

A glorious day

Is never far away

When I am with you

A glorious day

[As I close my eyes]

Breathing in the cold crisp air

A glorious day

All because

Life is better with you.

15. ‘As Myers-Briggs admits’

You are my bliss

But I do miss

Your deep eyes

When they hide

Taking a moment

I feel like a component

Just putting things together

For another moment

But I want enjoyment

With every moment with you

To happen as I live now

For I am more than you think

As Myers-Briggs admits

I’m an introvert

But I love for now

And feel for you always

My introverted ways

Give me time to think

And ponder your beauty

With your glorious looks

Behind your deep closed eyes

Opposites attract

Maybe even attach

But we combine

As defined in love

I adore you

But keep the door ajar

As I'm never far

From walking through

To you my bliss

For you I will run, shout

Whenever you are in doubt

Please just open your eyes

And I’ll glide my way to you

Please just open your eyes

Your beautiful beautiful eyes

As help is here

So never be in fear my dear

I love for now

And feel for you always

So in our own ways

Let’s introvert our thoughts

And come together as one.