As others fell away, we kept walking


  1. You are the beauty I will never let go
  2. The source of love
  3. We’ll ride into the sunset
  4. Walking the hills gives me time to think of how much I love you
  5. Age means nothing
  6. We climb the hill together, we fall together (we then climb together again)
  7. As others fell away, we kept walking
  8. Hello beautiful where have you been
  9. Did our voices once travel through the telephone lines across the field?
  10. The moment I realised that you were the one
  11. Undressing you with my eyes I try to reveal what your heart says about me
  12. 13th Hour

1. You are the beauty I will never let go

Throughout life you are the first and last thought I have

as the day breaks and my mind starts to stir

and even before I have opened my eyes

my thoughts are of you and how you make me feel alive

Lucky enough to wake up next to you

each day is a day to savour the memories we’ll create

and some days the world may feel against us but we are one

taking on the world together as together we win

All that keeps me going from morning till night

is the beauty that you are and mean to me

and it is beauty I will never let go

Even the fondest of memories I look back upon

and think of them as if they were yesterday

as the smiles have grown from then until now

remembering how we have grown is to show

how we have learnt to become one and love

I may not remember the first laugh we had together

but there are numerous amounts of laughs we’ve had

keeping the heart alive in love and in love with you

You are the beauty I will never let go

as you are my friend who became my love

and letting go in not an option

all I want is to hold you closer and keep you safe.

2. The source of love

From the naive heart

came the words I always wanted to say to you:

‘I love you’

Words so pure I never thought of nothing else

but there was never a good time to tell you

what my heart wants to say about you

so I stayed quiet thinking my own thoughts

dreaming one day I’d say:

‘I love you’

My quiet voice always said these words

but you never heard what I said that day

so I smiled to you and said goodbye

and as I waved I whispered to you:

‘I love you’

Naive was the heart but I knew it was you

that my life was all for you to make me true

I just never knew when was best to say

those three little words to you:

‘I love you’

I didn’t know if you’d say it back

my heart and my mind hoping you’d

say it back say it back say it back to me

with your heart of love for me or at least as a friend

My quiet words simply said:

‘I love you’

My source of love was pure

as love here was for no one else but you

for my eyes fell in love with you

truly deeper than I ever thought I would

my eyes looked into yours

and all they wanted to say is:

‘I love you’

A thousand smiles and the only one I’d remember

is the one that was upon your face

as it made my heart skip a beat for you

hoping I’d meet you soon again

making my heart skip and jump in the air

I’ve never been this far in the sky

but I found cloud number nine to lay and think of you

I simply thought of those three little words:

‘I love you’.

3. We’ll ride into the sunset

We rode the horses on the shore as we explored the world

and at that moment and in that time we were invincible

What we saw with our eyes we’ll remember forever

and together we saw the world in the same light

Riding into the sunset that day we would have never have looked back

as we would have been together with the world at our feet

As the horses wanted to gallop away we kept our feet upon the ground

our journey was far from over and we admired the view before we were on our way

With a rainbow across the sky and with the setting sun

the rain clouds came closer and time to ride back into reality

We’ll always be riding into the sunset no matter what happens

however I am in no rush to get to the setting sun to see the end of the day.

4. Walking the hills gives me time to think of how much I love you

The beauty of the view is greater with you

that will always be true no matter what I do

I walk the hills by myself as it gives me time

to get away from the built up world of life

with time to sort my thoughts and think of you

and what you mean to me and why I love you so

To bide my time and think clearly I am happier inside

with view of beauty I see with my eyes in front of me

and within my mind I see the beauty that you are to me

always grateful in this world to have both you and the view

Walking hills and writing what comes from them

is with you in mind as the effort it is to walk

is of equal measures into making you happy as you deserve

How a simple walk can give me time to be a better person

and a better person to you and all around as my mind

is forever thinking of how to make you happier

To walk the hills is to escape what we know

and to find and explore those memories and thoughts

that rarely make their way into the world as there just isn’t time

When walking I have only one aim and that aim is to be happy

while walking I think of you and the joy that it is to be in awe of you

as I sit upon the hill I pause for a few quiet thoughts

Sitting in the presence of the beautiful view it soon becomes time

to head back down the hill to where I started my journey

once again with a clear mind and a heart that is now healthier

The beauty of the walk and the beauty that you are helps keep me, being me

and the journey we are on is a journey we are always on together

no matter where you and I are in the world I will be walking

with my heart in my hands and my thoughts of you in the front of my mind

all for us and to work towards our happiness wherever our walk will take us.

5. Age means nothing

It doesn’t matter who you like

who it is that you admire

or who your heart falls in love with

the age means nothing

It’s how you spend your time

together with the one you adore

that defines who you are

and what happiness there is

You could be ten years older

but it wouldn’t mean a thing

as I’d spend every moment with you

all because I have fallen for you

You can’t defy who you like

or who you adore

and if you fall in love

savour that time

like you savour the day

Age in time or time between age

it doesn’t matter to me

as you are the one I have fallen for

the only one I need to be with

Age means nothing

but you mean everything to me.

6. We climb the hill together, we fall together (we then climb together again)

Coopers Hill, Robinswood Hill or Churchdown Hill

physically we walk together to fill our lungs

with the air we breathe to be side by side

each walk is a journey together and like life we walk as one

We climb through the struggles helping eachother day by day

when we fall, we fall together, only to stand back up

brush ourselves down and hold each other and climb once more

By climbing together we learn how strong we are together

and when we aren’t strong enough we help each other to get to the top

a few words of encouragement or a gentle push on the back

it might just take to be the strength that the other one needs

Hand in hand or mind over matter

what does matter is that we are there for each other to get up and over that hill

through thick and thin we stand strong to go forwards in what we do

Life together may be like walking through a mountain range

but we know there will always be greater views and greater moments together

as we climb and enjoy what life has to offer us as we travel together.

7. As others fell away, we kept walking

How many faces do you see slip away

from once so often we forget faces we use to know

Life takes its toll and we change when we grow

yet through it all you have stood by me

and we remember those faces

as one day we’ll see them again

As others fell away, we kept walking

like we knew where we were going in life

when actually we were just like everyone else

we were finding our way through the unknown

Never did we want anyone to fall away

but life takes us on different journeys

and these journeys take their time

The paths that these journeys have created

will one day cross over again

and the faces will be known to us

with time to find out how the journey has been

As others fell away, we kept walking

holding each other close and holding hands tightly

making sure we never fell away to keep our hearts close

with our journey’s path forever continuing

As others fell away they were on their journey

and we will one day find the paths that cross

as our life journeys started together

and friendships that are will never be forever fallen.

8. Hello beautiful where have you been

Hello beautiful where have you been

I’ve been searching for you all over the world

Through forests, into caves and across the oceans

I look and I looked but you weren’t found

Every sun rise until every sunset

I searched far and wide for you

I waited and waited until the sun was gone

only then did I rest until the light rose once again

Then one day I woke up into life as it was

looking no further than where I lay

and I found you closer than I would have ever have known

Where have you been hiding at this time

have you been in my heart the whole way

or is this the way I was suppose to find you

writing my words of love to you

and when the words start to make sense

I suddenly find that you were with me

all this time and right next to me

Hello beautiful where have you been

it’s like I’ve been on a long train journey

I finally get to you with arms open wide

walking up one final hillside to get to you

You have never been far away from me.

9. Did our voices once travel through the telephone lines across the field?

Did our voices once travel through the telephone lines across the field?

for hours and hours we spoke down the line and we did not wonder where the words went

from telephone to telephone we didn’t know how our words got to one another

all we knew is that our words were all that we needed one another needed to hear

I look at the telephone line as I catch my breath upon the hill I start to wonder

if our words ever made it this way past the hill and down the lane

did the hill and the lanes hear our words as well as we spoke for hours upon hours

ever wondering if they could tell me how the words I spoke got to you from me

The words we spoke I can still hear to this day but as the wind blows the words are swept away

how the hills must have listened to our words and knew what love there was in each and every word

yet never did they tell a soul as the words that were are forever for the people they were between

To this day however I do not know if the words made it this way past the trees and through to the views

in some way I would like to think so and the words of love would have been here

for the the words we spoke were as beautiful and glorious as the land that the telephone line goes across

If I followed the telephone line to where it went across the land and over hills far and wide

would I find you at the end if it or even the words that I spoke to you in a giant heap on the floor?

looking back and over the hill comes the rain the heavy clouds have threatened with all day

the walk to find those lost words would have to wait for now and let the mind wander a little bit more.

10. The moment I realised that you were the one

The moment I realised that you were the one was the first moment I saw you

it was like I was dreaming and the everything else in the world just didn’t matter

how did I know from that moment that everything in life was to be about you

I had only just set my eyes upon you but something was felt from that moment

until this very moment in which I have never felt any other way towards you

but at the time how was it set in life that as soon as my eyes saw you I knew

that you were the one for me and for the rest of my life ahead of me

Even before any words were spoken I had this gut feeling about you

it wasn’t like I leapt towards you shouting and screaming what I felt

I stood back and I let nature run its course as this was a strange feeling

a feeling of something so natural I knew I had to take my time

to find out what it meant to me and indeed if it was meant to mean anything to you

Soon enough we started to speak to one another and I had never heard such a beautiful voice

a voice so calming I’d never felt like anything before when I was talking with you

From that moment onwards I kept thinking how could I feel like I do even though I just met you

I thought that this must be my mind playing games with me and thought the feeling would pass

however I set to be wrong as what I felt has stayed with me for what seems like a lifetime

It would appear love at first sight is indeed true and the moment I first saw you was the proof of that

now living and loving with you by my side and in my mind and my soul forever more

The moment that I realised that you were the one, I then realised that everything my life was for

was to make you the happiest and looked after person that there could ever be

all because from the first moment I saw you I knew that you were the one for me forevermore.

11. Undressing you with my eyes I try to reveal what your heart says about me

Undressing you with my eyes I try to reveal what your heart says about me

I see the real you and what it, if, is or at all it means to be close to me

Each layer I peel back I see a new something of you which make my heart flutter

yet there is nothing that means more to me than what you really think of me

As you are deep within my heart and my heart can go no deeper for you

I must see if what it is that I feel is somewhere within your heart

So start to undress what I can see to get underneath the outside

This isn’t about the physical attraction that the eyes peel away

it is about your heart and mind and what they actually feel if anything like I do

Undressing you with my eyes I close my eyes in the hope everything becomes clear

I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming of you in my eyes and what I feel for you

Your beauty is deeper than what is on the surface of the skin

however what I see before me is more than any other beauty I have seen.

12. 13th Hour

As the hour approaches I feel like it isn’t time for me to go just yet

no matter how long it has been I just don’t feel like I should go

I feel like I want to stay further and go forth into the 14th hour

I think of every word that I could possibly say in order for a few more moments with you

to spend another minute with you might just give the chance to see your smile once more

before the time together is finished and the world is back to how it was before

By the 13th hour I felt alive rather than fatigued from the time together

not at any moment did it feel like we didn’t want to be next to one another

conversation never drying up or no still silent awkward moments

There were moments of reflection as the sun shone brightly and the day went on

With our thoughts were as fresh as when we met that day but the hour has come

and we must now must continue onwards with the day ahead and into the next hour.