As the tide came in I wished that you were my bear


  1. The tide came in
  2. Senses
  3. Sit upon the tree
  4. As you stare at the camera
  5. The natural camera
  6. Even if we didn’t know
  7. Stand Tall
  8. I wish you were my bear
  9. My heart melts
  10. Smiles upon their faces
  11. May I love you
  12. Winter Warmth
  13. Words into poems (by the Poet)
  14. Be a poet I said to myself
  15. Bus stop

1. The tide came in

The tide came in,

As I stood,

Upon the shore,

Washing away,

Everything negative,

Leaving me,

As a shell,

To fill with life,

Leaving all that was sad,

To float out to sea.

2. Senses

My eyes captured your beauty,

As my heart fell deeply in love with you,

Then my ears listen to your words,

And my feet walk to you when you are in need,

With every sense I have,

I feel the love throughout my body,

That the senses tell me that I have for you.

3. Sit upon the tree

I'll be

A Tree

You be

A bird

And you

Can sit

Upon me

Looking across

The world

As we

Spend time

With eyes

For each other

To admire

Us two

In this

Wide world.

4. As you stare at the camera

You can tell from your eyes,

As you stare at the camera,

That you hold happiness,

Within your soul,

And you look like,

You’ll never let it go,

What I see before me,

Are eyes that do not lie,

Giving a tentative heart,

Signs that you are happy,

With no need to worry,

You can tell from your eyes,

The camera does not lie,

Capturing the light,

That the eyes give out,

Is pure happiness,

From the camera,

To the picture,

Your eyes remain,

As seen through the lens,

Holding happiness,

Never ever planning,

To let go of what you have.

5. The natural camera

The natural camera,

Sees the light,

In its natural way,

Best enjoyed,

Still and silent,

Taking in what is seen,

And remembered forever,

As the eyes see raw beauty,

Whether it be a view of land, sea or air,

Or even the beauty that is you,

(And yes you are beautiful),

The eyes are our natural camera,

The only camera we may ever need.

6. Even if we didn’t know

You and I,

Made the world,

As round as it could be,

Holding hands,

Running through the trees,

To the other side,

Even if we didn’t know,

Where we were going,

At least we knew,

That we had each other,

We trusted one another,

With our lives,

With the direction we travelled,

Whatever there was,

On the other side,

That we couldn’t see,

We knew we had eachother,

And that is all we needed.

7. Stand Tall

Here I

Stand tall

Not far

From you

As I

Call out

Not knowing

If you

Can hear

My heart

Beat loudly

As you

Are near

And I

Listen out

For you

To stand

Here next

To me.

8. I wish you were my bear

I wish you were my bear,

As I would hold you close,

Lay down next to you,

When I need you most,

My bear with beautiful eyes,

I need not look elsewhere,

For a blue filled sky,

Those eyes are all I need to see,

If you were my bear,

I wouldn’t care,

Even if the world crumbled around me,

As I would have you my bear,

By my side to help me,

I wish you were my bear,

Then I wouldn’t be in so much despair,

As I see a bear in need of a hug,

And I’d hold you close,

My little bear,

To keep you safe, warm,

And to care for you more,

My bear with beautiful hair,

So soft it is,

With a scent to send me to dream,

I would hold you close,

So that I would keep you safe,

My beautiful bear.

9. My heart melts

My heart


when it

sees your eyes


it be

in person

or in a


my heart

simply melts

as it misses


when I

think about you

My heart melts

as I look

at the picture


to see you

once again.

10. Smiles upon their faces

With your hand placed upon his heart,

The other hand holding him close,

You look up into his eyes,

As your body language,

Looks at ease with love,

The smile across your face,

Tells a story that would be many chapters,

But as seen the smile tells more than a thousand words,

It is something that quite simply,

Cannot be put into words,

To describe how you feel,

As you look up,

He leans down,

To kiss you upon your lips,

In a way to show,

That the smile he sees,

Is all he needs,

Before long,

Arms are stretched,

Around each other,

Before walking into the distance,

Arm in arm,

With presumption,

That there is smiles upon their faces,

As they walk away,

In happiness.

11. May I love you

May I love you,

In the way life,

Has taught me so,

For I dream today,

That you & I,

Will be our future,

May I love you,

From my humble heart,

As I truly know,

I love you.

12. Winter Warmth

Each time winter comes,

I hope to take your hand,

And kiss you under the midnight moon,

The chill in the air,

Brings you closer to me,

As we shiver together,

Our warmth in our hearts,

Keeps us closer to one another,

From what we have together,

No matter how cold the winter be,

Our love we have,

Will keep us safe.

13. Words into poems (by the Poet)

You are the words,

And I am the poet,

That puts those words,

Into the right order,

So that the words you speak,

Are seen and heard by everyone,

Even if they don’t know,

That the words are from you,

You may not even know,

That you are the words,

Or your presence,

That inspires the words,

That I put into order,

The words I hear,

Make me see you in a different way,

As I feel funny inside,

When I be next to you,

As those words,

Are needed to be ordered,

To even make sense,

Of what I feel,

The words,

Spoken or otherwise,

Make me realise,

I have a dream,

To write,

What I see,

What I feel,

What I hear,

What I do,

With you.

14. Be a poet I said to myself

Be a poet,

I said to myself,


Show the world,

The words you can write,

To tell a story,

So all can read,

And relate to in some way,

Be a poet,

Share the words,

I said to myself,

Hoping some may say,

Something in return,

Just so that I know,

The words that I write,

Aren’t lost in space,

Be a poet,

I said,

In my own way,

With some way,

To say,

What stories,

I have to tell.

15. Bus stop

Bus stop

£One fifty

Travel to

Hill bottom

Look up

Plan ahead

Start here

Finish here

Walk up

Power through

Painful hills

All to see

Beautiful views

Look around

Hear sounds

Of silent hills

Close my eyes

And see you

Once more

When closed eyes

Open again

Breathe deeply

Descend hillside

Getting back

To bus stop

Travel home

Tired mind

Thinking continuously

Of next time

Walking here

Never finished

Travel to

Hill top

Via bus stop

Giving time

To think

And breathe.