Back to the Hills


  1. Bramble Scramble
  2. Give me a picture
  3. Local Hills
  4. Coopers Hill
  5. Over Hills
  6. Churchdown Hill
  7. The countryside church
  8. Robinswood Hill
  9. Hill after Mile
  10. Whilst I was looking across the land
  11. Into the winter wind
  12. A fresh layer on old ground
  13. Up and across
  14. A stones throw away
  15. A walk to find confidence
  16. The hill so close

1. Bramble Scramble



Jumping over

Kissing gates

Locked gates

Walking through


Getting into


In mind

And in mud

A pause

For thought

For home





Over walls


Farm fields

I ramble


Going over

Unknown land

One more


Through brambles

And I

Am home.

2. Give me a picture

Give me a picture,

And I will find where you are,

Show me the view you see,

And I will walk to find it,

As distinctive as you are,

The land will give me clues,

To where you are,

And where you walk,

Give me a picture,

And I will do all I can,

To walk into that image,

And stand next to you,

The beauty of the land,

Is almost as beautiful as you,

From the picture I will find you,

Wherever you may be,

Give me a picture,

Of where you stand,

With a view like you,

Just beautiful,

I will come and find you,

As I promise I always will,

The view and land I see,

Will guide me through to you,

As the picture you give to me,

Is all the beauty I see.

3. Local Hills

As I stand upon Coopers Hill,

To the North is the saviour,

That is Churchdown hill,

To the West,

Stands Robinswood Hill,

The unknown entity,

But a good view,

All the same,

Travel South East,

And a Roman Villa,

Awaits you,

To explore and imagine,

What it would have been like,

To live amongst the hills,

Travel in a southerly direction,

And you will find a beacon,

By the name of Painswick,

With a walk to a trig point,

Full of views,

A chilly wind,

Will usually welcome you,

Whichever direction,

There are an affinity of paths to walk,

From one hill to another,

And back again.

4. Coopers Hill

Forever a muse,

A place to walk,

In sunshine,

I bask in the views,

As the summer sun shines,

And in snow,

If it shall fall over the winter months,

I write the name of the love I have,

Upon the ground,

When the sun sets,

What a place to be,

To see the light change,

And the colours come alive,

A hill walked many times,

Yet each time,

Is a different experience,

In thoughts and walks,

As the journey of life continues,

Forever a muse,

A place to walk,

To clear the mind,

And set the words free.

5. Over Hills

From here

To there

I walk

To you

Over hills

Through brooks

Climbing stiles

Leaping fences

Looking out

For path

And gate

To find

My way

Making ground

Pass under

My feet

I ramble

Or scramble

As I

Get closer

To you

Through fields

Of crops

Or mud


Finding myself

Through trees

I climb

Upwards higher

Than I

Have ever

One more

Hill top

To walk

As the

The brook

Seeps into

My boots

Each stile

Climbs harder

As my

Body tires

I leap

No more

As fences

Once friends

Hinder me

I fall

Over fences

To get

To you

Through everything

I walk

One thought

I have

Spurs me

The thought

Of you

I go

Walking over

Hillside stiles

With sodden

Wet toes

Yet nothing

Stops me

Getting closer

To you.

6. Churchdown Hill

A saviour,

A place where I feel at ease,

As I walk around the church grounds,

Views simply breathtaking,

After walking through the trees,

Sights worth every step to see,

The world opens up,

As I reach the top,

With the church standing proud,

The views stretch for miles,

When the sun shines,

I rest upon the wooden bench,

The mind breathes,

The poetry breathes,

I breathe with ease,

Never did I think,

A hill would be a saviour,

Yet here it is.

7. The countryside church

The countryside church,

Stands still and silent,

As I was walking there,

I thought of you,

The church became obscured from my view,

By the wintery looking trees,

And the sunlight shining through the bare branches,

I could not see where my heart was destined,

Soon enough I found my way,

To a place,

Where I could wed,

And one day rest,

The countryside church,

A beauty from afar,

But more spectacular,

Are the views,

Once walking here,

Through the trees,

To the vision,

I see and dream about,

In daylight and night.

8. Robinswood Hill

A place explored,

But never understood,

As a pleasant hill it is to walk,

It doesn't set the mind on fire with ideas,

Somehow never fitting into my thoughts,

Even though I know,

This is a place to believe in,

A place in the heart,

To stretch the lungs,

And allow the mind to breathe,

Many a time the peak evaded me,

As all I thought was to ascend ,

However round and round I went,

And time ran out,

So I descended with a heavy heart,

Perhaps a few more walks,

To explore here and there,

Will show the mind,

What it is,

That it misses,

As it is always in view,

Keeping an eye on me.

9. Hill after Mile




The view

Can be seen





Next to me

Is the love

I live to be




We walk

We keep





Never rest



Has fallen

Even then

The heart





To find




10. Whilst I was looking across the land

Whilst I was looking across the land,

Admiring the view that is before my eyes,

I forgot that the view behind,

Is that of equal beauty,

From here,

And where I stand,

The view and the world,

Can be seen all round,

Somedays I just don’t look around,

To see everything that is to be seen,

Transfixed by where I stand,

I am in awe of the world at this angle,

Momentarily forgetting everything else,

Whilst I was looking across the land,

I forgot to look behind me,

You may have walked on by,

And I wouldn’t have noticed,

Equal beauty in front of me,

As well as behind me,

I looked across the land,

Transfixed by what I saw,

As the beauty captured my heart.

11. Into the winter wind

The sun sets,

For the final time,

Deeper and darker,

With the sun fading,

Darkness falls a little sooner,

Each day we go further,

Into the winter wind,

The days are shorter,

Warmth is scarce,

We wait,

Until the sun rises,

And the cool air,

Can be cold no longer,

The air starts to warm,

From the rays of light,

That have been hidden,

For what feels like an age,

The sun may have set,

And the wind will howl,

We wait for the sun to rise,

To save us,

From the deep dark winter wind,

With rays of warmth,

Entice us from hiding,

Into the world we live.

12. A fresh layer on old ground

Through the night,

Snow covered the ground,

Creating a perfect place to walk,

A fresh layer on old ground,

Giving a different perspective,

Of what was already there,

Making new footsteps,

Across the snow covered ground,

Feeling invigorating,

With the sense,

I am making my own new path,

The snow has fallen,

For a new day,

May it be time,

For some new ways,

The crispness of the air,

Matches the snow crunching under foot,

Freshly fallen upon old ground,

To walk and write,

A new chapter into old ways.

13. Up and across

After walking to the summit,

We stood side by side,

To admire the view,

Both in front of us,

And the beauty,

We stood next to,

You huddled in close,

As the wind was brisk,

Your nose turned red,

I looked into your eyes

Giving me the warmth I needed,

We held hands,

Up and across,

The green fields we walked,

Never letting go,

As we descended,

I held your hand tighter,

As I didn’t want you to stumble,

Nor I want to let go of you,

After the walk,

The roaring fire,

Warmed our cold feet,

Closer now than ever,

I began to change,

From being lost and incomplete,

To a found and complete soul.

14. A stones throw away

A stones throw away,

From the beach to the shore,

The ground changes,

From sand to soil,

Soon the grass grows,

And into fields they go,

A path is carved,

Up and over the ground,

With the path splitting,

Up into the forest,

Or back down to the ground,

I choose to go up,

To explore far away from the shore,

A stones throw between,

Sand, land and hills,

I walk between worlds,

Far more beautiful,

Than I could ever describe,

Forever a stones throw away,

From beauty,

Of land, sea and air.

15. A walk to find confidence

With the confidence gone,

I need to walk,

Upon the grass filled fields,

To get my thoughts back,

And in the correct order,

I see where I like to walk,

From afar,

Yet you’d think,

It was further than a mile or two away,

The inclining grass filled fields,

Gets the blood flowing,

And awakes the memory,

Of what needs addressing,

And what needs to be forgotten,

A simple walk to stretch the mind,

Makes the heart,

Stronger and wiser,

Building the confidence back up,

To take on the world,

And every challenge it brings.

16. The hill so close

The hill so close,

I feel I could walk there today,

Yet life carries on,

The hill and the walk has to wait,

How we become,

Lost in time,

And what matters,

Has just past by,

When it’s all too late,

We wonder why,

We let the time we had,

Slip away,

As the hill is so close,

I will walk it once more,

To and from a place,

That has captured the mind,

In a beautiful world,

So close I could reach out,

Almost grasp your beauty,

But time holds me back,

Just a little bit more,

The hill so close,

Grateful I’ll be,

For being able to see you,

And one day,

I will walk there,

Once again.