Below the Earth


  1. All that we do (for children)
  2. Below the Earth
  3. She waves as I walk away
  4. wanna
  5. the same sky
  6. Season of every day
  7. Not for the day, nor for the night
  8. with her
  9. Let me be your plug, to your socket
  10. Cherry Orchard View
  11. 4 hearts
  12. She isn’t on the hill anymore

1. All that we do (for children)

Distraught eyes

tired mind

emotional dismay

Late night

early start

last feed

another feed

in total need

Day into night

there seems no end

in sight

but we fight

for them

But one night

everything’s right

yet the next

is not the best

With not much rest

a smile appears

across their face

simply making

everything ace

Forgetting that late night

or fight to feel human

their eyes meet yours

with a gleaming face

& all that we do

makes our world

worth all that we do.

2. Below the Earth

Below the Earth

there are deep thoughts

as well as memories

Some heartbreaking

others soul wrenching

Answers unknown

may never

be found

Time has passed

& thoughts decayed

the heart will never know

why or how

Thoughts will remain

& memories lost

in time and in confusion

Below the Earth

there is a search

for everything

Only knowing

there is time

to find


if not


3. She waves as I walk away

She waves as I walk away

Standing tall in the window

Looking back I can just see her smile

As I walk down the road

Which once were cherry orchard fields

& I wish they still were today

Disappearing into the trees

Rather than round the corner

Where the heart sinks

Until I see you at the end of the day.

4. ‘wanna’

In love

with you

wanna be

next to you

in you

around you

wanna be humbled

by your beauty

I wanna hold you

your hand

your body

close to me

foresee the future

with you

& I

I wanna go

through life

on a journey


no other

beyond the moment

for now

& tomorrow

I like

your hair

your eyes

your voice

it makes me smile

only ever

wanting you

I wanna



never miss

a moment

I admire


to kiss

your lips

i wanna

just wanna

love you

be in love

make love

define love

with you.

5. the same sky

It was late into the night

With the curtain ajar

Blurry eyed

I looked into the deep night sky

Wondering and thinking if;

Were you looking into the same sky as I

Seeing the same stars and slither of moon

While the night grew darker

It should have felt longer

If it weren’t for the thoughts of you

Even if you were glancing at the sky

Would your thoughts wander to me

I am left to ponder upon if your thoughts wander

Were you looking into the same sky as I

For I wished that you were

Even if I may never know

But as long as you are aware

My heart flows for you

In the glow of the night sky

Until the morning rise

& the day starts again

Is another day

To wonder

Were you looking into the same sky as I.

6. Season of every day

You're my favourite season of the year

Of every single day

You bring me a sunny days light

To autumn colours of beauty

& in winter you bring me warmth

Until spring arrives with new light

Every season is my favourite

When I am by you

When the wind blows your hair

I see a different beautiful sight

The trees leaves fall in the wind

Like my heart falls for you

Whether it be hillside or poolside

As long as I am by your side

I’ll see you in every season

With every reason

To hold you close

You're my favourite season of the year

Of every single day

& if you’re ever in pain

I’ll let the rain wash it away

& I’ll be there for you

Through wind and hail

& whatever may prevail

I’d sail through storms

All for you

Struggle through

The hardest of seasons

All because

You’re the reason

Every season

Are my favourite.

7. Not for day, nor for the night

There are words i said

Which of course i meant

Because i wanted you

To be with me

Not for day

nor for the night

But for the rest of our life

There are words i said

As the world goes round

I keep saying to myself

Those words will one day get to you

Words that i said

Which of course i meant

There are words i said

Like i wanted you

Not for day

nor for the night

To start building a life

With one another

Only i thought i might cause a fright

If i told you i love you

Believe me when i fall

In love or in pain

You’re the only one to catch me

As i fall my words fall with me

My words are true about you

I need you to be with me

Not for day

nor for the night

Until the final light that my eyes see

& i hope you are the soul i stay with

For the words i said of course i meant

There are words i said

i meant

Because i wanted you

To be with me

Not for day

nor for the night

Longer than the moment we shared

But for the rest of our life

If i… If i...

Never get to tell you

I meant every word i said

Remember the words remain

Not for day

nor for the night

Forever they will be

For life they are

For you

Only you.

8. with her

with her

i know

what love


how real

love is

i feel

heart beating

for you

with you


when not

next to you


with you

live long

in the heart

our hearts

never far


love is

what we have

in abundance

much more

than a substance

something standing

forever strong.

9. Let me be your plug, To your socket

Let me be your plug

To your socket

I want to be your lobster

To your cooking pot

I’d like to be your shoes

For your feet to walk

Let me be your handle

To every door you open

I’d be your sunglasses

To spare the glare from the sun

(in winter or the summer sun)

With my love laid bare

You could rest upon my heart

(please just excuse the high rhythm

of the heart's beat when next to you)

I’d be your umbrella

To stop the soaking rain

I am those words of inspiration

To help get you to your destination

I will be a cushion under you

If you were ever to fall

Yet I’ll the voice you need

To get back onto your feet

Let me be the lifesaver to you

As you have been to me

I want to be the key

That unlocks everything about you

Please let me be your sky

So you can fly as high as a bird

Let me be your plug

To your socket

As you are electric

& my spark to life.

10. Cherry Orchard View

What the view must have been like (~1880)

With fields and trees for miles to see

A hill in the distance it must have seemed like an adventure to go there

From the window sill it must have been a place to ponder

With a roaring fire in the fireplace on a cold winter’s day

Crackling away as the world lay untouched through the window that the eyes see

A house at the end of the street with no end in views of fields in sight through the window

Seeing the sun rise and set at night must have been a delight from the garden or window sill

At night the house must have stood in silence in unspoilt countryside, stars bright without much light

As time went on the world grew and the countryside turned from green to brown (~1925)

& I can only imagine as the cherry orchards went and the bricks built up, with a heart somewhere, saddened

The view from the window would never be the same again

There may be no photographs of the time the house of what it use to be like

& the eyes that saw the house as it stood by the countryside and cherry trees

Have all gone from the world, taking those images and memories to the ground

I imagine what it would have been like all those years ago to see the view, of fields, street and house as it stood then

Now today I am blessed to still see the hill, albeit from high above, and the extraordinary light that goes by throughout the year

With a later modified roof (~1970) I can see the Cathedral, far away but the eye can just see it, a stunning sight it is

Today I close my eyes and run through fields without a care in the world as if they were there back then

On a summer's day I can feel cool breeze as I walk to Robinswood hill, a trek it would have been

& in my mind I imagine how the view changed through the window as the world grew brick by brick

In time the house at the end of the street may have changed through the years

But one thing for sure is that it has held many hearts within its walls

Sheltering them from the wind and the rain yet hearing every laughter, cry, hello and goodbye

The house is old and sometimes she’s cold with a little tender care she looks after us as we look after her

& the window view still remains although it’s changed through time the sun still rises and shines until sunset

The cherry tree filled fields that eyes from eras gone by must have seen, now bricks and lights, now a different time

For the eyes that look out of the window today are young, growing and will ponder life from the window one day

From seeing me leave for work I look back to see a family home with my loved ones waving back at me

We are another piece of history to this house and the land we walk and breathe.

11. 4 hearts

Once a heart

By itself

I only had to look after my own

It soon became two

As her heart made mine beat a little quicker

As we shared and explored

The world we live

& our hearts grew love

For one another

From two came three

A whole new world

However the heart

Shared equal and fair

A fourth heart

Small and new

To add to three

Made the heart whole

& smile

With all the hearts

In need of love

Words of hope

& sometimes

A gentle nudge

In the right direction

A heart is no longer by itself

Yet grown to four

With love and much more

To protect and adore.

12. She isn’t on the hill anymore

She isn’t on the hill anymore

Walk away

No longer does she wait for him

That moment has passed

Even through every weather

She waited

Looking longingly at the hill

Time thinking of walking


As she is no longer on the hill

Time to walk away

As the rain dripped down her face

All the thoughts were of him, for him

The rain washed them away

But there was a time

She could wait no more upon the hill

She left

He finally walked up the hill

Knowing that too much time had passed

He made the choice

Yet this didn’t stop his heart sinking

His thoughts were for her, of her

Reaching the viewpoint

He saw no one but a lonely self

Although he already knew

He saw

With his own eyes

She wasn’t on the hill anymore

She’d left

From that moment

He had to make his mind up

As she had waited

With every hope

Only for him never to arrive

& he realised

How very wrong he was

She isn’t on the hill anymore

Time to walk away

Remember what was

& not what could have been.