Blue Collection


  1. Let Me Be – Showing that 2 people are meant to be and marry
  2. I think of you – Thinking of someone special
  3. Perfect Picture – Creating a perfect life together
  4. The peaceful man – Written after meeting a gentleman on a cycle ride
  5. Without You – Writing about inspiration
  6. Every moment – Spending moments in life together
  7. Untitled – Trying to understand the funny feelings of love
  8. Never Seem To Tell You – Trying to tell someone how much you like them
  9. Limited to what you can say – Back in the day when you only use to have 140 characters in a text message to say what you need to
  10. If I… – If you never get the chance to tell someone how much they mean
  11. Fallen – Falling for someone
  12. Put your arms around me – Hugging someone
  13. Hold your head high – Being proud of what you do
  14. More of my dreams – Dreams
  15. To you I love – Loving Someone
  16. God – Religious thoughts
  17. Ignore – About ignoring people, or not.
  18. Smile


Let me be your husband to be

I will never love anyone more

Hold your head high

for everyone to see

that we are to be

You are so special to me

Let me be your husband to be

Who will take you away from me?

I will never let you go

love me as I love you

Let me be your husband to be.


I think of you

so highly, so uniquely

You complete my life

You complete the puzzle

The puzzle I started

but never could finish

I think of you

Every day, every minute, every second

What do I do to stop thinking of you?

I don’t know, so I think of you.


I picture you

I picture me

I picture us

The perfect picture

The picture of a lifetime

What does it mean?

We are together forever

or for a split second?

I picture us together

Together we shall live

and create a perfect picture


– every moment spent with you

adds to the trust we have between each other

– every moment spent with you

adds to the love I have for you

– every moment spent with you

adds to the history of enjoyment I’ve had

– every moment spent with you

is a moment to reflect on what I have

– every moment spent with you

is a moment I’ll remember forever

– every moment spent with you

is every moment spent with you

– a moment that I will call heaven.


Without you

I’m nothing

Nothing at all

You are the one

Who gives me inspiration

You are the one

Who helped me get this far

I am the one

Who put the effort in

I am the one

Who says stupid things

We are the people

Who talk to each other

We are the people

Who care for each other.


I met an old man

He was alone, he was quiet

We spoke of this world

We spoke of what things were like

He was a nice man

I wish there were more people like him

He wished me good luck in the future

I said it was a pleasure talking to him

We were both on the same wavelength

I hope I meet him again

Because he was a pleasant man

There was something about him

That gave me so many ideas

Gave me encouragement for life

I don’t know his name

But I hope to meet him again.


Say you have a limited amount of characters

You have so much to say

But can’t fit it all in

How do you choose what to put in?

It’s a task and a half for me

Whatever I decide to say

Can never seem as interesting as saying it

It frustrates me that I can’t say what I want!

I write what I need to write

I keep the interesting aspects for what I want to say to you

You have a limited amount of characters

How do I decide what to say?

I just fit everything in, if possible!


I can never seem to tell you how much you mean to me

I have so many nice things to say to you

It will seem like I’m flattering you too much

But what I have in my mind

Seems so simple to say

How I want to say it

Will be said at the right time and said in such a romantic way

It will blow you off your feet

I’m not just going to say it to flatter you

I’m going to say it because the love I have for you is never ending

How much you mean to me is worth more than my life.


I can never understand love

it has so many strange elements

many effects which cannot be controlled

effects that have consequences good and bad

Still life goes on every day

not knowing what’s around waiting for you

having to make decisions that will influence life for years to come

Love can hurt but has so many rewards

it cannot be explained

but felt so much by you

it becomes you

and when it becomes you

the feeling of love is the strongest you may ever feel

You and I have been through so much

ups and downs beyond anything

now I have to decide

do I believe in you and I.

10. IF I…

If I…

If I die tomorrow

Remember one thing for me

These poems were inspired by you

Written for you

You are the cause for all these poems

If I…

If I leave this place I live

To go far away from you

I will remember you forever

If I…

If I never tell you what I feel right now

If I never get a chance to tell you

Pick out every good part of each poem I’ve written

And remember that’s written about you

Or inspired by you

If I…

If I die tomorrow

I want you to know

I love you

If I…

If I…

Never get a chance to spend the night with you

Go on holiday with you

See you in all your glory you have so much of

I will be thinking of you always

If I…

If I ever leave you

It won’t be because I want to

I never want to leave you!


I’ve fallen,

I’ve fallen into your arms

I’ve fallen into your heart

I’m forever falling for you

(I just hope you’re there to catch me)


I see you in every dream that I have

You are the one my dreams revolve around

Some dreams are possible

While others aren’t so possible

How I will make these dreams possible

Is something that I will have to work out

Some dreams aren’t always possible

And you go through life dreaming and dreaming

But I hope that my dreams do come true

I’ve written about my dreams for so long

I can see them in my reach

All that’s needed is a bit more push and enthusiasm

My dreams will come true

I must think positive about my dreams

Or they aren’t likely to happen

You are the one in my dreams

In every dream that I have.


Hold your head high

Be proud of what you do

Ignore those around you

Don’t ignore advice given

Holding your head high

Shows that you can take it

Handle the pressure

Be proud of what you do.


Just stretch your arms out

Wrap them around me

My arms will go around you

Bring our bodies closer together

Feel the love that we have

A gentle kiss on the neck

My way of showing that I care

Just do whatever you like

I don’t mind how you show it

As long as you and I can

Wrap our arms around each other.

15. GOD

Is there a God?

The bible says there is one

But so many people try and prove this wrong

But how can we say it’s wrong?

When we don’t know how the world started?

If there is a God

He or she, has a lot of questions to answer.


“I don’t ignore people,

I just don’t see them.”

A quote I say so often

People don’t believe me

But it’s the truth

If I don’t see you

I can’t ignore you

Just accept it as a thing I say

Think what you want to think

I don’t ignore you

You’ll have to believe me

If you don’t

There’s nothing I can do.


To you I love

The one and only

The joy I have with you

The feelings I have for you

Feelings of closeness

Feelings of trust

I am lucky

Lucky to have a love like you

Every time I see you

I feel funny

I smile because I’m happy

When I’m quiet

I’m thinking of us

Us as two people in love

When I’m talking to you

I talk to you from the heart

You are my love

The love I have for you

I can’t explain

It’s too nice to talk about

Words will never explain it

I love you

I feel so much for you

I say this with all my heart.


When the day is dull and the sun is hidden from view

I can always think of your smile to brighten up my day

A smile a day keeps me happy all day

No matter how the day may be

I close my eyes and see your smile

Is it the way you smile?

Is it the look of your smile?

Either way it warms me up inside

To see you smile back at me

Makes me all tingly inside

Your smile lightens up the room

Even if no one else sees it

I do.