By the Sea


  1. A look I will never forget
  2. By the sea, my mind is free
  3. It wouldn't be love without you
  4. She's grown up by the sea
  5. Save me a place (by the sea)
  6. Download/Upload
  7. Of few words
  8. Peace by the river

1. A look I will never forget

He looked at the sea

Like it was his best friend

The smile brought

As natural as the sea we saw

The sea crashed

Flowed up on the shore

His eyes filled with excitement

Escaping into the world

A moment ago he was in a world of sleep

The next; he was gazing at the sea

The sea air filled his young lungs

Giving him life like nothing else

That look he gave

As he looked at the sea

A young heart with the world in front

Filled me with hope for him, for all

He looked at the sea

With belief, excitement and awe

Everything I do and more

When we see the sea with our eyes

He looked at the sea

Like it was his best friend

I looked at him

As he is my little friend.

2. By the sea, my mind is free

By the sea

My mind is free

Open to the air

Nothing to despair

Sound of the waves

My footsteps paving a way

To the edge of the shore

A deep breathe

Looking to the view

The world could stop

& I wouldn’t care

Only the sound

Of loved ones playing

Brings me back to this world

To share the sea, sand and view

By the sea

I am on my knees

Wishing for this moment

To never end

In the moment

Next to the waves

I ponder a thought

Maybe one day

We could live by the sea

By the sea

My mind is free

& at ease.

3. It wouldn't be love without you

I love you

Like the summer sun

As we drove

Every country road

The music played

As we spoke

& laughed

The summer evenings

Were glorious and long

Riverside with you

Side by side

You looked devine

I love you

Because you are you

There is no other reason

With beauty to add

The summer sun shines

As we drive the countryside lanes

Brushing the bushes as we go

The evening didn't want to end

Every summer

Is like every day with you

It just wouldn't be love

Without you.

4. She's grown up by the sea

She’s grown up by the sea

As much as we could let her

Sand between toes

She knows the joy of the sand and sea

I wish I could be by the sea

With her every day in every season

She'd paddle whatever weather

Remembering the first time

Her feet touched the sand

She is now a little lady

With a beautiful mind

Seeing the sea and shore

With joy in her heart

My little girl

She’s grown up

By the sea

As I stand by her

A proud father

Who loves her

By the sea.

5. Save me a place by the sea

Save me a place by the sea

Where you and I can be next to one another

Hand in hand

& heart next to heart

Let us be by the sea for a little longer

Seeing the tide come in and go

Taking the many footsteps away into the sea

Where we walked together from young to old

Save me a place by the sea

Where we can share the sunset

Arm in arm

& eye by eye

Until the end of the day, our day

Save me a place by the sea

To see my thoughts set sail

Return when the tide comes in

Yet only wiser having seen the world

For the miles of beautiful shoreline

I only ever want to be by the sea with you

As you are the only beauty I need to see

Save me a place by the sea

It doesn’t matter where

As long as it is with you.

6. Download/Upload

Thoughts of the day

Devastation of the past

Photographs of a great day

What makes you sad

Who makes you happy

What you have just watched

Or something you've lost

Heavy thoughts

Light thoughts

No thoughts

Or every thought

They have to go somewhere

Download onto another mind

A thought shared

Is a thoughts weight off the shoulders

Upload to a social world

For a reaction

A like, A comment

Or nothing at all


Have to be placed somewhere

To remember


Or forget.

7. Of few words

In a room full of minds

My mind is of few words

Where everyone is connected

Better than my mind is to the world

My voice isn't strong

So fewer words the better

Of the few words I say

Are handpicked

& hope to be true

A conversation I could enter

Yet my knowledge blocked

As what I know I cannot give

Sharing my words

Sometimes met with silence

Therefore I become

A person of few words

But my words I think

Are powerful and true

Just spoken out loud

Are on the quiet wavelength

I am of few words spoken

Yet written

I am of many words

Because my words written

Will last forever

& every word written

Is from my heart

I am of few words

But the words I have

I mean

From love to like

Poem to message

All I have to give

Is of few words.

8. Peace by the river

Distant chatter soon faded

Feet pace towards the river

Slight rustle of grass against the leg

Soon by the rivers edge

The world was almost silent

Just the flow of the river to hear

Calm and settling as it went by

The sun brought out the natural colours

Green reflected off the settled water

As we walked further along the river side

Peace by the river

Gave me time away from the normal thoughts

Walking with a loved one

There was no burden from the world

If it wasn't for time

(& weary legs)

The flow of the river

Would’ve been followed further

Next time we’ll walk

A little more

To find, enjoy

Peace by the river.