Deep Little Thoughts


  1. We met in a leap year, a year when my heart, would skip a beat, yet gain a day
  2. Deep Little Thoughts
  3. Rural in every heart
  4. In love
  5. You
  6. Hurt to be stronger
  7. Define love
  8. A heart falling
  9. £1.45 pint

1. We met in a leap year, a year when my heart, would skip a beat, yet gain a day

We met in a leap year

a year when my heart

would skip a beat

yet gain a day

Every year thereafter

it would beat

something for you

in a leap of love

it would feel

& trust the heart did

to what it felt

A year in which my eyes

would meet no other

like the eyes of that moment

the deepest of colour

in which I'd see more

than just in a leap year

In a year that gained a day

I gained a lifetime of love

with every fourth year

an extra day to love and adore

Every day I leap into love

beyond this world

to every emotion I can feel

All because my heart is here

& everywhere for you

when times you may not know

to times when you know too much

We met in a leap year

a year when my heart

would skip a beat

gain a day

and fall in love with you.

2. Deep Little Thoughts

In deep little thoughts

the greatest of love

is found and explored

Little moments in depth

sometimes forgotten

remembered once again

relived and revived

in the heart and mind

Without deep little thoughts

you wouldn’t find

the little things you love

the people, the places

or realise how much

Just time in thoughts

you find deep little treasures

that make you smile

about the ones you love

adore and more

If you’re deep within

my little thoughts

you’re loved

forever cherished.

3. Rural in every heart

Find the rural in every heart

& that’s where I start

My walk, our journey

Go beyond the rural

Where we all reside

& find what we are like

When there’s nothing

But nature

If you walk over unknown land

But more than happy to take my hand

& let me guide you through the world

This journey will be anything but bland

In the heart is a little rural

Away from the modern world

Where people can stop, think

& be who they want to be

Without the rest of the rural

Judging them on who they are

To escape we don’t have to travel far

Urban roads will become rural

Like rivers become streams

The further you follow them

The more natural the world becomes

Only the factor of time gets in our way

How far we want to travel

Depends on who we are with

& how rural we want to go

Yet we can only travel

As far as our hearts want to go

For I see the rural and never want to come back

As long as I am with you

Finding your rural I want explore more

Getting away from all the urban ways

I want to walk with you forever

Through every rural place I can

You’re my rural haven

Taking some back to urban lands

To keep me sane from going insane

Until the next time our hearts walk

Through lands of rural beauty.

4. In love

In love




the day after

In love

the day



she never


I did

feel like so

In love

every minute

of every


whether far

or near

I am

in love

In love

from above

or below

love it is

for today




5. You

when my heart feels down

you make me feel fine

if my smile is upside down

you turn it around

where I am not sure to look

you stand in the direction I need to see

if I am sat in the cold of the day

you are the warmth I need

the day may be dull or covered in clouds

yet it is your eyes that light up my day

when the mind is in need of inspiration

a thought and a ponder of you is all I need

if my heart hasn’t been close to yours for a day

it beats a little faster knowing it will see you

I close my eyes

& I see your beauty wherever I am

Mountain high I never stand alone

With you by my side with every step

6. Hurt to be stronger

The heart has to try

It always has to

As if it stopped

It would die

What if

You didn’t show your heart

For it may get scared, torn

or completely ignored

but if the heart doesn’t try

it may never find out

in order to be in love

the pain it feels

will make it stronger

hopefully, believe more

it’s a part of growing up

& even when grown up

the heart still gets hurt

But we get up and get on

I’d rather show

what the heart feels

Then hide away

As that can be equal or more

Pain to the heart

Either way

love is worth the hurt

as love is a joy

worth every hurt

7. Define love

Combined hearts

Becoming one

Defining love

The meeting of eyes

A new world


never defeated

define strength

you and I

that is


define belief

You and I


Define love

You are

My love

You are


8. A heart falling

The heart falls

Unable to climb out

Not wanting to

Nor needing to

But a fallen heart

Is a heart

Fallen forever

The moment it falls

A feeling (an experience)

Never forgotten

A fall without hurt?

Cannot always be (guaranteed)

Yet for a heart to fall

Is a dream, a privilege

A heart falling

In silence

Or aloud

Is still a heart

Fallen in love

9. £1.45 pint

£1.45 a pint

On my own

With people unknown

Counting the change

To give to you

In trust you’ll return

With a £1.45 pint

In a place afar

I felt at home

Growing space

In the heart

(For the love of the place

& the people)

Where it all started

With a £1.45 pint

People unknown

Soon became

Trusted friends

Trust started

With £1.45

In change

For a pint

& in plane sight

Everything was alright

The view

The people

I still remember

Everything since

That first pint

The fun and the joy

To the hardest day

When we left

It was suitably

At the pub

Where it all started

At that moment

For some

It was the last goodbye

The price of a pint today

So much more (than £1.45)

But there will be

No greater memories

Of that first pint

That led to some of the greatest

Times of my life

All starting

With a £1.45 pint

(or four).