Falling Without the Sudden Stop


  1. Sunrise to Sunset
  2. It was our moment together
  3. i can
  4. Path
  5. The lost cottage
  6. sorry i am not
  7. Until you
  8. discombobulated bollocks
  9. Candlelight dinner
  10. Without the sudden stop
  11. (Coopers Hill)

1. Sunrise to Sunset

Sun rise

Early open eyes

The day starts

With love in the heart

The clock strikes noon

We take a breath

As the day

Goes full steam ahead

Life in full motion

With love in the heart

Sun set

Not much time for rest

Whether the day’s been at its best

The end of the day is here

With love in the heart

With love in the heart

From sunrise to sunset

We close our eyes

To relive the love


& over.

2. It was our moment together

The moment we shared

was with one another

No media

To capture the moment

No other eyes

To see what each other saw

No other heart

To feel what we felt

- It was our moment together -

Eyes that were there

were the ones to capture

the light, moment

The atmosphere

At that time and place

it was unique

as the two people there

Only was that moment

shared between

the hearts and minds

that mattered

Nothing else did

Nothing or no one else


for that moment

even the slight time before

or even after

No media

To share

No other eyes

To create whispers

- It was our moment together -

Always has been

always will be.

3. i can

i can push you hard

i can push you to the edge

i can push your heart next to mine

& everything feels fine

you push me back

harder and further

than the edge

yet equally

& feel the same

there no is way to tame

this love in this life

it is all

otherwise i fall

i can

but not

without you

be in love


through every


the love


& belongs

i can

i will




4. Path

Where I have walked

she will walk

& in turn where he will walk

but with their own minds

hearts and soul

The path I walk

a path to guide

but not deny

where their lives will go

If the path crumbles

causing a stumble

I wouldn't grumble

in rebuilding that path

to the best that I can

All for them (always)

so they can keep walking

with their heads held high

using their mind, to find

to carry on the rebuilt path

or to build a new path

from what I have taught them

I will lay the foundations

even help to rebuild

but eventually, eventually

Her paths will be built by her

His paths will be built by him

& I hope

They are the strongest paths

I can give guidance to.

5. The lost cottage

Did you make it to the top

do you live on the hill

The one where I dreamed of

with all the views

& walking boots piled by the front door

A roaring fire for a winter's day

a green garden for the summers sun

Upon the hill

you could walk far and wide

to a peak or a quarry

a stroll could take you

as far as you dreamed to go

Did you make it

my mind does wonder

that somewhere you are

hillside, surrounded by countryside

with waterproof coats a plenty

for any weather there may be

As I walk

through the trees

up and beyond the rugged path

the lost cottage may be

with you by the door

looking out for me.

6. sorry i am not


the deepest



heartfelt ones

my mind

can’t apologies

for loving you

or wanting

you by my side

i’m not sorry

never sorry

for the thoughts

i have of you


my skin


as i

touch yours

as deep

the love feels

i see

in your eyes


i need

to see

deep thoughts


& so much


7. Until you

Until you

There was



Until you

There was



Until you

There was

Never him

Until you

There was



Until you

There was



Until you

There was



8. discombobulated bollocks

Every heart from before

is just no more

there is no place

or space

If i tried to touch your heart

by showing a little of mine

don’t ever say i

never tried

(as i often defied gravity

to reach out with my heart in hand)

For i gave a little bit of heart

to you

as I

thought you’d accept it

never did i think

it would be rejected

Feeling dejected

my heart was missing a piece

as i must have dropped it

when i felt a little discombobulated

Now a little more silent

i find myself a little more, well, quiet

defining my words of love

into writing

as the heart can write

freely, thoughtfully

staying complete, for a better mind

without giving any part of my heart

away, to be lost. Tossed.

(or end up discombobulated, talking bollocks).

9. Candlelight dinner

Summer evening

Oak table

Sharing fables

Candle lit

Light flickers

Eyes glisten

Breeze blows

Flame dances

Eyes hide

Until light

Burns upright

Soft light

Deep eyes

Warm night

Summer delight

Hands held

Hearts beat

Love grows

Many fables

Endless smiles

Candle burns

Into night

Morning light

Eyes see

Deep colour

Deep love

Felt within

10. Without the sudden stop

I fell





My heart



For you

It just



They call

It love

It is

For life



You’re first


Never last

The sudden


Never came

The fall

Nor the thoughts


Without pain.

11. (Coopers Hill)

No heart dies here

They only live