Forever Beautiful


  1. ‘My heart is lost with you’
  2. ‘As deep as the day was’
  3. ‘blinded by love’
  4. ‘Influence the heart and the mind’
  5. ‘I'm prepared to take the sword for you’
  6. ‘hand in hand and heart by heart’
  7. ‘love is never gone’
  8. ‘The sight of the one you love’
  9. ‘the poet of my heart’
  10. ‘i’d stand anywhere with you’
  11. ‘My heart’s in the drawer for you’
  12. ‘i fall, just like the leaves, in love’
  13. ‘Everlasting crush’
  14. ‘love from above’
  15. ‘when i miss you’
  16. ‘Deep within the forest’
  17. ‘forever beautiful’
  18. ‘writing to the past’
  19. ‘i write a letter to you’
  20. ‘Equation’
  21. ‘Lovers by the river’
  22. ‘Under the tree’
  23. ‘Evening light by the Cathedral’
  24. ‘My heart melted amongst the trees’
  25. ‘I sat on the park bench with her head on my lap’
  26. ‘the way i feel’
  27. ‘lost in love (with you)’
  28. ‘I took on the world, And I lost my heart to you’
  29. ‘there was once a boy who met a girl’
  30. ‘f’

1. ‘My heart is lost with you’

My heart is lost with you

Therefore I'm hoping it's never found

As long as I am here

I am a happy person

Lost with you

Would never last as long as I would like

At times I thought I’d never be lost

Not like this

This is a sort of lost that should always exist

My heart does not think like this

Always wanting to be found

But this heart being lost

And being like this

Now that I am here

Is where I always want to be

My heart is lost with you

And will always be lost

As I cannot think of a better place

For such a lost place to be

2. ‘As deep as the day was’

No day was deeper

than the dawn that I met you

The sun rose and the sun shone

and I found the depth of my heart

as I dug deep to meet you

As deep as the day was

the love that came was deeper than my soul

deeper than the mid atlantic ridge

I don’t know of anything physically deeper

From the dawn to dusk

the depth of what I knew as a person

rose, shone and when it set

I looked back and thought

this feeling will never sink

Love is deep and love is desired

and the love I desired for you

became deeper and deeper

No day was deeper

than the dawn that I met you

And on that dawn

I discovered what love is

at first sight

second sight

and third sight and beyond

No day has ever been deeper

and my love can always be found

from the surface down to the ridge depths

3. ‘blinded by love’

Love blinds the eye

to what is happening all around

With the mind focused on you

the love has blinded me

Not that i don’t care

about anything anymore

i’m just blinded by love

A feeling so powerful

nothing else like it

effects me in this way

The feeling of love

the anguish of wanting to know

do you feel the same way

rushes through the blood

and blinds the eyes

When the love combines

it reminds me

that i am not blind

As i see where my love is

for you and with you

as you are everything around me

like the world you are to me

Love may blind the eyes

but i know where i am with you

i am in love

4. ‘Influence the heart and the mind’

My dad taught me how to build

My mum taught me how to get the best out of something

And you gave me the ideas to write my words

Together we made me who I am

How the love of the people around

Can influence the heart and the mind

In the decisions and actions

That define the way our life is

Making me a better and stronger person

5. ‘I'm prepared to take the sword for you’

I'm prepared to take the sword for you

Give you every chance to live your life

If it meant the pain of the sword

Was taken by me instead

And therefore your gracious heart

Is saved to take on the world

I would only ever ask

When the sword struck me

Is that I have the chance to tell you

How much of my world

Is that of happiness towards you

And everything that you have given to me

I'm prepared to take the sword for you

Fall to the floor to fight for you

As you are a human to live for and fight for

You could strike me down

but you could never take away the love

the love is here to stay

So when the sword strikes

it will do so with you in my heart

6. ‘hand in hand and heart by heart’

I walked down a country path

it make me think

should I turn back

as i didn’t know where I was going

Meeting faces i said hello

waved goodbye

and never saw some again

Then one day I woke up

to walk the same old path

in the same old world

with the thoughts of yesterday

But then something occurred

You joined my path

and together we walked

at the same pace

with similar thoughts

I made you smile

for mile upon mile

The path brought new thoughts

As we reached the end of the path

neither one of us wanted to walk back

So we held hands

starting to think of what we could do

and we could only do one thing

We made our own path together

With hand in hand

and heart by heart

we held hands

as the new path we walked

we created with care

Each day the path is longer

with more laughs and love

than any other journey could be

It’s just as well

neither of us turned back

down the same old path.

7. ‘love is never gone’

love is never gone

no matter how long ago it was

it was once in your life

but now may not be so

however that love

hasn’t never fully gone for good

as the love we encountered

affects us and who we were then

and even maybe to this day

now we have grown from there

into a different love in different lives

we take with us the love that we knew

love created is love never left

how we take our time to love

we need not throw it all away

8. ‘The sight of the one you love’

Never lose sight of your love

As one day it'll all be looked from above

And when's it gone it won't be for good

The sight of the one you love

Will be one day next to you

Always knowing you never forgot the sight

Will make the plights of life

A worthwhile wait until the day

The one you love is by your side

Never lose sight or any hope

Love will find its way back

I knew you’d always look for me

As I looked for you

That’s now why we’re side by side

Looking down on the world

That brought us joy and hope

9. ‘the poet of my heart’

the poet of my heart

writing upon the walls

plucking the heartstrings to find a tune

of where the heart is

and how it beats in time with you

you, the heart

would never have worked

if i hadn't found you

as the tune my heart played

simply complimented you

as you sang softly to the tune

the poet of the heart

goes through the emotion

like the motion of a boat

through rough oceans

or millpond seas

you, the heart

plays the tune that gets me through

as i close my eyes i see your beauty

and why i travel through life

knowing you have written upon my heart

the poet of the heart

will pluck away at tunes

until the final string is plucked

and the tune softly slips away

10. ‘i’d stand anywhere with you’

i’d stand anywhere with you


because i have been to the end of the Earth

and back

to show you how much you mean to me

standing with you

is the pinnacle of everything

everything that we have been through

i’d stand anywhere with you


even on the edge of the cliff

i’d stand

if it meant i could take your hand

fly away

or hold you to take you to safety

standing by you

is everything

that i live for today


and forever

11. ‘My heart’s in the drawer for you’

I put my heart in your drawer

Leaving a note upon the desk

Marked with a kiss

Knowing you'd find it

My heart’s in the drawer for you

Because one day you'll find it

Knowing I'd left it for you

The note marked with a kiss

Is just a symbol of what I'd like to do

Just incase you never knew

12. ‘i fall, just like the leaves, in love’

your eyes

still stop me in my tracks

as i

look into the deep beautiful eyes

that i have adored

since the day i met you

the glint when your eyes

as the sun shines

through the autumn evening trees

i fall

just like the leaves

in love

more and more

as the eyes

draw me in

to remind me

to why i live my life for you

the leaves blown in the wind

spreading the love i have for you


and wide

as nothing will stop me

from showing how much love

there is for you

13. ‘Everlasting crush’

An everlasting crush

Remains a flutter

Of my heart

My breathe captured

Between gasping

When thinking

About you

Never rush

A beautiful crush

As such a moment

Should always be cherished

The crush remembered

As it should be

But never regretted

Because our heart

Tells us of what we feel

14. ‘love from above’

he stands upon the hill

gazing across the land

keeping an eye on you

looking after you

even though he can’t be here

as the sun rises he looks over

he smiles and the clouds make way

for when you wake for the day

the day can be as bright as can be

he’ll always be forever upon the hill

keeping you safe

loving you as he always did

love from above

as he looks over you

seeing you grow

he stands upon the hill

keeping an eye on you

forever keeping you safe

15. ‘when i miss you’

when i miss you

i just walk to you

get to you

and hold you in my arms

when i miss you

the world moves

just a little slower

when i miss you

i’d give anything

to get to you

when i miss you

i know you’ll

be waiting for me

when i miss you

i always see you

at the forefront of my mind

when i miss you

every heart beat

is one closer to you.

16. ‘Deep within the forest’

Riding across the county land

through fields and forests

we rode with our hearts

with our heads standing proud

Through gates we strode

not always knowing

where we’d end up

yet together we rode

Deep within the forest

we found what was deep inside us

as we couldn’t hold our feelings back

and together we loved each other

with nothing holding us back

The sun shone low in the sky

as the trees rustled in the wind

we knew our hearts would run a mile

if we thought we’d never have the chance again

to ride through forests and fields

The wind was crisp but cold we weren’t

holding each other closely

our warmth gave us everything we needed

Your hand upon my heart

you felt each heartbeat I had for you

Your eyes looking into mine

you saw the deep love I have for you

as deep as the forest we stood

you could not be much deeper

As we mounted our horses

miles away from our place we call home

we took our time to travel together

With the sun almost gone

the thoughts of the day

fresh in the mind and forever they will be

Any day the chance would present itself

I’d ride back to the deep forest

over undulating hills or through fields

to hear the wind whistle

and feel your heartbeat against mine.

17. ‘forever beautiful’




you’ll still be beautiful

18. ‘writing to the past’

writing to the past

i thank you for every memory

as without you

i’d never have found out

what it is

that my heart loves about you

as i write i take note

of every word that i ever said

as writing to the past

takes it time and takes its toll

with memories of a magnitude

that makes the mind wonder

how they are all ever remembered

within the mind

writing to the past

i can write the future

knowing that everything i write

is all my love for you

and that love is written

across the heart and mind

never to leave me

and only for you to read

one bit at a time

19. ‘i write a letter to you’

i write a letter to you

to get to know you better

penning my thoughts of the day

and why i feel like i do

the letter becomes written over many days

i find my heart writing the words for me

as what i feel is easily written

straight from the heart to you

page after page i write things

i have never written before

never before telling

the story my heart has for you

the page can never be long enough

as soon enough i need more and more pages

to keep writing everything i have to say

i could simply write:

‘i love you’

but you probably wouldn’t believe me

or understand why i feel like i do

so i write page after page

concisely and carefully

so you know exactly how my heart feels

20. ‘Equation’

You are the equation

that i have yet to solve

Keeping me on my toes

I find more about you

to love and adore

I’ll be more than happy

never to solve the equation

if it meant I am forever

thinking of you

21. ‘Lovers by the river’

Lovers by the river

forbidden in love

they kiss by the shore

windswept and wet

the lovers kissed

Taking her head in her hands

he kissed her softly

knowing that this moment

wouldn’t last forever

By the river

he never

thought like this before

His only thought

was of love the heart felt

forbidden it was

but he loved her

mentally, physically

he just loved her

Lovers by the river

we could never

be together

So we stood in the rain

windswept and cold

kissing eachother softly

but could just not be

The river flowed

faster and faster as the rain fell

sweeping branches and boulders

it could so easily take us too

We two lovers

stood by the river

knowing we’d never

be able to share our love

in the way we would want

Yet the rain fell

and the river flowed

like our love

in our hearts

and in our lives

22. ‘Under the tree’

Under the tree

I felt free

as I sat with you

admiring the view

I felt like the luckiest man alive

not evening lightning

could strike the tree

where we sat

admiring the view

The tree stood tall

with you and I

sitting arm in arm

carving our names into the bark

for something to mark

when our hearts felt alive

Under the shade of the tree

we led and we laughed

loving life and each other

with the view that I knew

would last with me forever

23. ‘Evening light by the Cathedral’

Evening light by the Cathedral

was just enough to walk along the unlit path

we spoke and we laughed

as you held my hand

and I held yours to warm the heart

As we stopped and looked at the highest point

the clouds broke and the moonlight shone bright

Our eyes fixated at the natural light

we both lowered our heads as we caught each other's sight

transfixed we were unnaturally quiet

with the winter wind gently blowing

we moved closer and kissed

Under the Cathedral and the light

we had our moment

where you and I were

well.. just you and I

as natural as the light that glowed upon us

24. ‘My heart melted amongst the trees’

My heart melted amongst the trees

here i couldn’t be found

i couldn’t be heard

Knowing that I’d lost you

to another love

I melted

Between the trees

I found comfort

where I would sort my thoughts

into piles now, then and tomorrow

My heart melted

unable to be remoulded

25. ‘I sat on the park bench with her head on my lap’

I sat on the park bench with her head on my lap

she lay on her back looking up at the stars

all I had to do was look down but I was too afraid

afraid not to look at you but to be drawn further to you

you were inches away from me kissing you

maybe I’d never be this close again

and in this position I find with you as I do now

The park bench was of no comfort to me

yet somehow you led and with your head in comfort

but that in turn made me feel at ease

so at ease I would place my hand upon your stomach

pushing your hair from your eyes as the wind blew

As I look I take in the moment and sweetly smile

a time like this could be spoilt by the urge to kiss you

whereas the memory of a perfect moment

can and will last forever without any regret

if I just enjoy this time with you by me

I sat on the park bench with her head on my lap

the stars as our entertainment for the evening

and our laughter and joy as our energy to keep warm

26. ‘the way i feel’

the way i feel about you

at the end of each day

is that i could spend

another day with you

and at the end of that

i believe i could spend

a lifetime with you

27. ‘lost in love (with you)’

lost in love

(with you)

like i always have

and always will

lost in love

(with you)

because you

are worth

getting lost for

lost in love

(with you)

as i’d want to be

nowhere else

28. ‘I took on the world, And I lost my heart to you’

I took on the world

and I lost my heart to you

My future was unknown

then I found you

My dreams were lost

but they became real with you

I took on the world

and I lost my heart to you

Your eyes drew me in

my heart then fell for you

Heaven is holding a place for you

all because you are my haven

My body may change

yet my heart stays the same

I took on the world

And I lost my heart to you

My heart has never beaten like this

the beat it sings is all for you

All my love I have written for you

word by word I get closer to you

The day became night

but I never get bored of the sight of you

I took on the world

and I lost my heart to you

The sun rose, it’s bright, bold

and beautiful like you

As for the world

I took it head on

No matter what I did

you graced my thoughts every day

So losing my heart to you

I took on the world and won.

29. ‘there was once a boy who met a girl’

there was once a boy who met a girl

she was tall but he stood too far away

so he seemed small but his heart grew for her

the boy plucked up the courage to speak to the girl

his words were few but he knew

this was just the start of something new

the boy spoke and the girl giggled

besotted became the boy for the girl

the girl grew to like his smile and his soul

the boy and girl became close

dancing together, laughing together

from the unknown of each other

there became love between the two

with the girl gripping the besotted boy

their arms held one another together

looking into the eyes of the other

their world became one

the boy held the girl's hand

and the girl held the boy's hand back

as he lay there he looked into her eyes

simply telling her

‘i love you’

there was once a boy who met a girl

who fell in love with each other

until this day and forever more

30. ‘f’

for you


for i

feel alive


fallen feelings

feeding my mind

feelings so addictive

finding the right words

for you

fear grows

for i

feel for you