From Where I Stand, I Stand To Protect You


  1. A moment from a laugh
  2. From wherever I stand, I stand to protect you
  3. When I look
  4. Never Sorry
  5. The Crash of the Waves
  6. In Nature
  7. The fallen snow filled hills & fields
  8. the depth of the eye
  9. Standing by the sea
  10. Don’t let the hearts memories fade
  11. I still see your eyes
  12. Like a limpet
  13. The voices may have gone
  14. I wanna
  15. Love is

1. A moment from a laugh

When a laugh

becomes a moment

a moment becomes a feeling

the feeling

you want to feel again and again

so you laugh some more

as your heart never tires

of living that moment time and time again

from the laugh

you start to like more than ever before

over time

the feeling you have

turns to love

& the love felt

is undoubtedly

something to hold on to


2. From wherever I stand, I stand to protect you

From wherever I stand

I stand to protect you

From sea shore to cliffs edge

I will be there

with the steady strong hand

for you and your future

From wherever I stand

I stand beside everything that matters

from a small to grown hearts

I stand to protect

When fallen a hand will be there

to comfort and to care

be fare when the world is not

From where I stand

I stand surrounded in love

love I need to adore and protect.

3. When I look

When I look back

I see the sea where I fell in love

When I look forward

I see the countryside we explored

When I look into my own mind

I see every moment that I loved you

When I see your eyes

my heart sets sail across the sea

(falling in love)

When you stand next to me

the countryside is our world to discover

(exploring our hearts and minds)

When my mind captures your beauty

I am in deep awe and admiration

(because I love you).

4. Never Sorry

Never be sorry

for liking someone who makes you tick

never sick of the sight of someone

who makes the heart erratic and manic

no need to panic when [that] someone is near

as the fear will set in and something silly will be said

Sorry for liking you

however one doesn't give much of a fuck

as I never will apologies for liking your face

it must show that I have some sort of good taste

if I like what my heart desires is all about you

creating a fire within me wanting you to put it out

so new life can grow from the embers left behind

Sorry it’s not you it’s me

that feels the way that I do but I don’t know what to do

a couple of sherberts and the heart is thrown to you

but you can’t catch for shit so you let it drop to the floor

feeling all sore in the morning I shriek to think

what the sherbert made it me say (via the heart of one's belief of course)

If I ever say I am sorry for liking you

I’m afraid to say it one big fucking lie

as you fly away in life and in love

I just hope you learn to catch

as my poor battered heart

still is tender and aches

as it beats every day

knowing the clock ticks

& you make me tick

never sick of the sight of you

I will always fight for you.

5. The Crash of the Waves

The crash of the waves

movings sand & stones

the power of the waves

simply undeniable

sounds of the sea so loud

it catches the mind

moving earth & sea

uncovering beauty [Fossils.]

unseen for years

the sea tossing

tussling the stones


when storms

or seas

batter the shore

the time after

silence falls

silence is great

but the sound of the sea

makes me feel alive

& I strive

to be by the sea

with each roar of every wave

a moments silence

before the wave crashes

to the earth

moving everything in its way

uncovering a little bit more

each and every time

walking away [unwillingly]

the sea continues to crash

but it becomes more silent

as I leave the seas sound behind

yet I know the sea continues to roar

& my heart is never far away

wanting more and more to be by the sea

the crash of the waves

the ebb and the flow

of life


and feelings

all by the sea.

6. In Nature

You & I

in nature

I love nature

& I

love you



all around

Guiding light

from you

& nature

You & I

in nature

growing together.

7. The fallen snow filled hills & fields

Setting out that day

I planned to walk the snow covered hills

penning my thoughts as I walked

(However you called out

& my day was with you)

At the end of day

looking up

I saw the fallen snow filled hill & fields

which I still hadn’t walked

I needed to fill my mind

of thoughts to write

with sights of snow

& the day with you

The sun was setting

still with a warm flask

(& a packet of soup)

I walked



to the summit

the temperature

started to plummet

By the time I reached the top

the sun had set

& I knelt in the snow

drinking my lukewarm soup

with the winter wind picking up

I shivered and quivered

as I looked out at the lights below

the fallen snow filled hills & fields

seemed calm and very still

A day with you

was the warmth I needed

to be up here

& thankful for the day

Time had passed

& the bus wouldn’t wait

I descended back to earth

to rest the weary legs

ready for another day.

8. the depth of the eye

In the depth of the eye

the past can be seen

how deep you go

is up to you

It’s in the eye

the story

the love

you just need to look

a little bit deeper

The blue of the eye

like the depth of the sea

there is so much to say

so much to see

like the depth of the sea

Drawn to the eye

like a moth to a flame

yet without the pain

take in the colour

& look into my eye

to see what you mean

to my heart and I

When I and my eye

catch a glimpse of you

the love and the story

Are complete and true

All for the eye

as I

love you.

9. Standing by the sea

Standing by the sea

I stood seeing the sea

for miles I saw

something of beauty

The wind blew gently

sending a shiver down the spine

but every shiver

was worth being here

seeing the seas beauty

[& of course seeing you]

The sea saved my soul that day

& every day after that

Saving a sinking mind

A soul that was all out at sea

Standing by the sea

with a shiver

it saved me

reminding me

to savour all I have.

10. Don’t let the hearts memories fade

Don’t let the hearts memories fade

the moments the heart rushed with blood

skipping higher than any mountain peak

The moment you and I met eye to eye

a heart pounded with a rush

it instantly became addictive

wanting more and more

Those times engraved on the memory

even after years from the event

once that day is thought of

they still bring a simper smile to the face

Whether the mind just forgets

or the mind starts to unfortunately fade

the hearts memories must be remembered

for as long as they can be

That rush of blood spiked with adrenalin

was love at first sight

when mind and heart just knew

that you were someone to never forget

yet that may be out of the bodies control

For you the memories may have all gone

no need to remember what you and I once shared

with our hearts lay bare then

now the world differs greatly

and the years have just gone by

I remember memories now

that you never would

(or at least I don’t think you would)

but I will never know

as our paths have walked in different ways

Don't let the hearts memories fade

for as long as they are alive in the heart

it keeps the heart going

whether memories of now, or then.

11. I still see your eyes

I looked into your eyes

& told you that I love you

I still see your eyes

& still do love you

It’ll never be anything new

that I love you

but you may never

love me as I love you

You have my heart gripped

by your beauty

real beauty

that I do truly love

I looked into your eyes

& told you that I love you

I still see your eyes

& still do love you

I look and see your eyes

the ones I spoke to

telling you

I love you

for you

are beauty

that I look to

& still do love you.

12. Like a limpet

The rain fell hard and consistently all day long

but it could never wash away the thoughts of you

like a limpet clinging to a rock I would not let go

Through the cold rain I knew that my thoughts would prevail

like the winds on the shore blowing more and more rain towards the shore

nature was testing my strength but my strength was equal to that of nature

Puddles became ponds and streams become rivers

the flow of the water gaining height and pace

it was the strength and power of the love I have for you

The earth became loose and fell away as water seeped deeper into the ground

my fingers lost grip but but feet stood firm on uncertain ground

digging deeper I had to find the strength to never let go (& that included you)

There was no let up in the rain that day as the skies were heavy

which made the thoughts press harder and the strength I needed drain away

I had to be like the limpet in order for the thoughts of you not to be washed away

When the rain finally eased and the sun started to shine bright in the sky

it was like the rain had never fallen from above to the ground where I stood

like a dream it was now a memory to which made me stronger

I had survived the pounding rain and at the end of it all

the thoughts of you were still with me and hadn’t ebbed away

through everything that was thrown at me I kept you close to my heart and mind.

13. The voices may have gone

The voices aren’t there anymore

when you go back to a place

a place once full of joy

it’s just not the same

No one else remembers

the wonders that place brought to the heart

yet here I stand

remembering every moment

every word that was said

every promise I once told myself

I still hear the voices

as clear as day

like they were yesterday

in a place that let my heart grow

a place that let my heart be me

The voices may have gone

however the memories live on

maybe never knowing

where those voices have ended up

or if we will ever speak again

A voice in a place that only I hear

when stood reminiscing

makes the mind wonder

if more opportunities

should have been taken

The voices may have gone

but I remember.

14. I wanna

I wanna see your eyes

see the depth

& where I need to explore

I wanna know how you feel

when you see me

even if it is a fleeting glance

I wanna be your everything

every day

every week

every minute

I wanna believe in you

I wanna love you

I just wanna

kiss your lips

hold your hips

I wanna dance

without a care in the world

holding your hands

I wanna be your everything

you say

& I will be

I wanna live

like there is no tomorrow

with you


& everyday.

15. Love is

Love is everything

devotion is in motion

fondness & friendship

yearning to learn [about you, with you]

my crush, never crushed

I cherish our passion

our ‘weakness’, tenderness

only mad for, you

with you my one soft spot

like a relish you are a delight.