Keep Walking


  1. Telephone
  2. I need to walk off this love I have for you
  3. Side by side
  4. Her eyes look down
  5. That moment you see someone
  6. It was you on the hill
  7. Beauty, Distance, Strength
  8. You stood, You saw
  9. It was perfect
  10. My mind took a step back
  11. Never far
  12. Keep walking
  13. We are free as the air we breathe
  14. Unanswered

1. ‘Telephone’

I look at my phone

like every other clone

it’s like there's no dial tone

to pick up and have a moan

or a natter to another clone

Eyes down we’re quite prone

to have our minds blown

to whatever is thrown across our screen

Why not postpone your date with the phone

before we lie down next to our gravestone

take off your headphones and let’s talk

until we tickle our funny bones

laughing out loud let’s enjoy this time alone

Let me chaperone your mind

away from our own worlds

before I kiss the skin upon your cheekbone

as I reach the dropzone my heart falls in love

I don’t need no growth hormone

as the love I have for you can’t grow much more

or do I need a megaphone to tell you loud and clear?

Something that is set in stone

& never to be washed away in the tidal zone

is love that has become something more than the dog and bone

all by putting our phone down

and not being another clone.

2. ‘I need to walk off this love I have for you’

I need to walk off this love I have for you

as I can’t (fucking) stop thinking of you

Get your heart out of my mind

because I've fallen

& I'm not stalling my love no more

I wanna be all in for life

with my eye by yours

Whether I walk, run or try to hide

I can't stop thinking of you

beside myself I feel the same as my heart

as my heart wants everything

like for like and hand in hand

I need to walk off this love I have for you

but the further I walk the stronger the love is

with every step making the heart beat stronger

faster for you like something I have never known

At the end of the day when I stop

I realise I cannot get your heart out of my head

It’s obvious to why I can’t

I’m not in denial but the truth be told

it’s because I love you

always have and always will

Therefore you will always be in my head

the best thought that one could ever have.

3. ‘Side by side’

Side by side they loved each other

watching the waves crash upon the shore

a chill in the wind helps them be closer

They need not speak as they knew how each felt

like the sea next to the shore

they just belonged together

With her head tilted and resting upon his shoulder

a gentle hand across her back calmed the heart

as they couldn't bear being apart from one another

Side by side they loved each other

with this moment memories are created

& they shall cherish them for evermore

as the sea laps the shore over and over again

Daylight was fading with the clouds gathering above

the chill had now turned to shivers

One final glance into each other's eyes

one more kiss by the sea shore

side by side

they left together forevermore.

4. ‘Her eyes look down’

Her eyes look down

as I walk around

the corner

with my eyes

glimpsing at hers

Words become lost

yet mutters a little something

With the look in her eyes

it’s like she’s wanting

to shout something out

more than it would seem

Just shy?

I wouldn’t believe

when confidence

is her through and through

Softly spoken her few words

calming a soul and a heart

she walks off once more

with more words wanting to be said

it just doesn't seem like the time

to speak of them.

5. ‘That moment you see someone’

That moment

you see someone

That one moment

your world feels complete

It is how I feel

when I see you

Not once in awhile

but every



That moment

the heart dances

even if the lymbs lack rhythm

it is for that moment

a time when the heart feels complete

That moment you see someone

defines the way you are

what you feel within your heart & mind

That moment

you see someone

That moment

it is you

that makes me feel complete




6. ‘It was you on the hill’

It was you on the hill

from a distance I could tell

but I wouldn't know how

to walk up to you

& speak as if I were your friend

(like I was so long ago)

Year by year I must be a distant memory

whereas I feel as if I

was just talking to you yesterday

(sometimes I think I actually did at times)

I knew it was you but I looked back

just to make sure that you were you

not a figure in my imagination

I nearly walked back towards the summit

so I could get a closer view

but my head told me ‘what’s the point?’

(more will be asked and a welcome hello it may not be)

All I can take from that moment

is that I saw you once more

distant like the memories

however the heart still skipped a beat or two

because I knew it was you

(& still in love with you).

7. ‘Beauty, Distance, Strength’

No other beauty

will make my heart stronger

yet no words

will tell how much you mean

A distance between hearts

yet they are strong

when they face each other

no matter where they are

The strength of love

always tougher

when not together

yet greater side by side.

8. ‘You stood, You saw’

To the left of the photograph

you stood, you saw

the same view as I did

However the view that was

will never be of you and I

in the same picture frame

But I'll always know

where you were stood

in relation to the view

As close as the two hearts were

they could never be

further away from one another.

9. ‘It was perfect’

It was perfect

a moment the heart craved for

everything had been for that moment

so much belief filled the heart

a world of thoughts had already been dreamt

& in a glimpse it was all gone

thoughts became silent

the heart drained of everything that it believed

what once was filled with hope and dreams

was now a vast empty space

which for worse seemed like there was no boundary

It was perfect, well nearly everything

everything except for me and my mind

craving the perfection once more is at the moment

a little sore as the heart has dipped

& the head is exhausted from so much thought

How can something that the heart wanted

for so long just be thrown away

like it could be replaced by something else

so easily and without any pain

slowly becoming insane

I became...something useless

It was perfect

& I had my chance

my chance

I doubt I will

never get again.

10. ‘My mind took a step back’

My mind took a step back

it watched as the world went by

as it couldn’t be part of the fast pace

that was continually set by the world

The mind resigned itself to the back step

where it could see everything

that it truly wanted but could do little about

or indeed that is what it thought

Where the mind could help it would and will

but this pace is nothing for the mind

where others are better and indeed beyond the pace set

My mind took a step back

stumbling across everything in its path

which indeed did not help the situation

However all I could do was get back to my feet

telling myself not to be defeated

& the step back was for my eyes to see

the new path that when ready

I will go forward

ready for the pace of the world.

11. ‘Never far’

I miss you


much so


still love


never forgotten


never far from my


i wonder


i think of


when I


over hills


out for you


ever knowing


we’ll meet


12. ‘Keep walking’

The world isn’t flat as first thought

It is round so we won’t fall off the edge

So we can come back around

To where we started

No matter how the world treats you

keep walking

just keep walking

By standing strong

the chance will come back around

So if the sound wasn’t profound the first time

keep walking, gathering the experience

every feeling to make the next time

a bigger fight to win

with more to show and more to believe

Keep walking to get where you want to be

through valleys, cities to the sea

as without that walk

I’d be lost.

13. ‘We are free as the air we breathe’

Walking through fields

we are free as the air we breathe

no cloud is too far

no dream is too wild

We walk through fields

with our hearts

leading the way

If you need my hand

it is alway by my side for you

for whenever you need it

We are free as the air we breathe

for that time we walk together

across fields to high hills

Nothing is too far or too much

when I am with you.

14. 'Unanswered'

There's nothing that can be done

because I walked away

with many questions

left unanswered.