No Poet Stands Alone


  1. depth of my words amongst the clouds
  2. revision session
  3. from the journey to the view: the area around coopers hill
  4. as you leapt
  5. losing the sight of you
  6. she’s the one
  7. i love to see you laugh
  8. a lost thread from a weave
  9. late into the evening i climbed the hill
  10. let us walk together
  11. hill hopping
  12. no poet stands alone
  13. keep going forwards
  14. i seek to find you
  15. you got me home
  16. abundance
  17. the kiss goodbye
  18. fuck revision
  19. gamble
  20. i felt like running
  21. you were my pleasant thorn
  22. my mind changed
  23. i started to write

1. depth of my words amongst the clouds

if the depth of my words

were anything like the clouds

you’d understand

every word written

has so much depth

from the core of my heart and soul

to the page that it is written upon

here i stand above the earth

the earth i write so much about

a view is all i need to inspire me

and with you by my side

physically or in spirit

i write as clear as the eye can see

my stance is ready to defend

anything that i have ever written

because my words are my heart and soul

and if you want to fight my words

you therefore fight my heart and soul

and my stance should tell you

i am ready to defend anything i am

my head may spend a lot of time in the clouds

yet i know where my feet are firmly grounded

the words that i write bring me back to earth

so you know and i that i will be here for you

the depth of what i know and what i feel

takes time between written ways

to find its place in where i stand and believe

just let me walk to find out where i am

and certainly where i belong from here

my head in the clouds

with my feet firmly grounded

a walk outside

can help sort out everything inside

2. revision session

you were the best revision session i ever had

i studied you more than any book i ever read

the chemistry between us was powerful

yet physically it was the softest feeling it could be

our hearts beat the same rhythm

better than any biology lesson could teach you

mathematically i thought you and i would never be here

the odds were against us but here we were

in this way with each other with my hand upon your chest

you were everything i had ever worked my life for

you were the best revision session i ever had

leading to the best results of my life

3. from the journey to the view: the area around coopers hill

more fields than you care you imagine

crossing fences with no need for keys

no moats to cross but sunshine to chase

green are the lanes and the way to go

ten more steps to take until the top

a view seen for twenty or more miles around

rolling cheese to running into my arms

i will never be foiled by the weather to be here

even when snow has fallen the number ten will get me here

with the relentless wind or rain in the air i will get to you

every pain is worth the walk or cycle to get hillside

everything is worth putting to one side to be so near

streams trickle down over horse filled fields

with stables hillside to shelter and hide

all these thoughts from a hill close to the heart

but never fear as over the hill i go to find a new path

the path can wait for i now go back to the crossroads

to find the number ten to get me back home

4. as you leapt

as you leapt

off the bed

you said

‘i love you’


my face

kissing me


i never realised

until then

how you

truly felt

only then

once again

to say

‘i love you’

as you looked

into my eyes

i felt like

our hearts

became one

as without you

i am nothing

as you leapt

i leapt as well

into love

with you

heart racing

i had

no hesitance

in my words

of my love

for you

as my eyes

fell into your

all i could say is

‘i love you’

from my heart

my body

and my soul

5. losing the sight of you

i don’t know when i will be able to close the book on you

keeping it open is the only way i think i will remember you

knowing my mind will one day fade away into the unknown

i have to keep the thought of you alive for as long as i can

my mind feels like it is fading already from my body

as the simplest of memories are escaping my grasps

some memories i just need to hold onto a little bit more

despite how long ago they were they made who i am today

for the memories i fear i will lose my sight of

i wish i had taken more photographs and kept them safe

long gone has the opportunity to stand by you to share a smile

but the memories remember for now what the camera did not take

as long as the book is in sight and in reach

i can open it to a page to remember a time and a place to remember forever

6. she’s the one

the one

the only one

the one

that captured my heart

the one

i would do anything for

she’s the one

the only one

how the one

gave me life

to live and breathe

the only one

to ever let me be

the one to marry

endeavour life together

never another one


the only one

the one

the one that i love

7. i love to see you laugh

i love to see you laugh

it’s even better

when i’ve made you laugh

for me it is the joy it brings

it feels like you know

how much you mean to me

seeing you laugh and smile

i feel like i am doing something right

a moment captured

to make those dull days

a lot lot brighter

i love to see you laugh

every worry in the world

disappears in an instant

i close my eyes

to see you smile

laugh at the world

and alongside it

i love to see you laugh

i love to see you laugh

i love to see you laugh

i keep softly saying to myself

to help calm down my heart

the giggle and the laugh

fulfill my heart

in what i enjoy most

to make you laugh

from the laugh

the smile gleams across your face

i love to see you laugh

it brings the world

the joy and happiness

we all need to smile

8. a lost thread from a weave

i tried to weave myself next to you

thinking we were from the same cloth

but i always ended up

being the loose thread

untidy and ultimately lost

i only ever weaved myself in

with everything that i had

as i thought you and i

would be strong enough together

to hold one another

whenever we needed each other

a lost thread cut short

i never fitted in

when i thought i would

while others weaved

they sewed themselves in

better than i could have

a lost thread i may be

but one day you'll need me

to fix a hole

or a broken soul

wanting to be

a part of the weave

cannot always be the way

however never cut off a loose thread

as you'll never know

when you'll need me

9. late into the evening i climbed the hill

late into the evening

after the snow had fallen all day

i decided to walk to the hill

and look out at the night view

the hot drink i carried all day

was now barely hot at all

however i just needed something

while i rest from the day that had been

for so long i have remembered

the moment i walked here

after seeing you all day

the wind whistled

and the snow covered view

lit with street lights

and the fading sun

finally faded

i was at complete ease with myself

my aim of the day was to walk to the hill

and so i did after seeing you

my heart didn’t stop racing all day long

from the excitement of seeing you

to clambering up the hillside in the snow

as the whistling wind eased

the snow view lit by street light

i savoured with delight

late into the evening

i achieved everything i set out to do

so i headed for home

knowing i could dream freely

of the next time i will be with you

10. let us walk together

for the love

of my daughter

the wife


and friends

live life


as one

as time

is precious

for the love

of the land

let us walk


do not dwell upon

if you should walk

with others

other than close ones

because we walk

the same earth

let us talk

to one another

even if

we were




or others

11. hill hopping

from The Peak

i stand

where i have never

walked before

looking to Coopers

my hill my muse

from here

i can walk

to Robinswood

through undulating woods

via Upton

May hill

is far away

as i see it

standing here

a brisk walk

it would be

but that is

for another day

for now

i head home

via Churchdown hill

looking back

from where

i have come from

to be here

over hills

and along many trails

i find myself

remembering tails

of woods walked

and vast views seen

i walk to inspire

and write what is seen

from hills nearby

or over land far away

12. no poet stands alone

no poet stands alone

there must be something

or someone nearby

to inspire them to write

even when i look out from the hills

i know that i am not alone

as once you walked here

if not you are walking with me

no poet stands and writes

about nothing and everything

without having some kind of influence

standing alone is not a poets way to be

as if the poet was alone

how could they write what they feel

no poet stands alone

as the world is the influence

is some way or another

may it be land, sea, person or mind

you never stand alone

13. keep going forwards

i was


fell in love

then torn

now living

by walking

living parallel

in the same universe

as some

however forwards

i still go

i will always go


without you


for knowing you

walk on

live on

in hope

go forwards

still always go


as time

cannot go


14. i seek to find you

from the peak

i seek to find you

from coopers

i’d stoop down

to be nearer to you

from robinswood

i’d fly with the robins

with the view in front of me

to be next to you

from churchdown

i’ll never frown

when i’m sat down

next to the church

looking around for you

i seek to find you

from the peak to the church


you are there

15. you got me home

you got me home

the thought of you

got me home

i would never had made it

if it wasn’t for you

the thought of

that kept me going

until I was in your arms

walking far

i walked knowing

you would be there for me

i just needed to get there

you got me home

for i knew

i wouldn’t have got there

if i hadn’t thought that day

of you

you got me home

back into your arms

all from a thought

16. abundance

never think

that i

have never

anything but

an abundance

of love

for you

for i

live life

for you

with you

next to

all because

i have

an abundance

of love

to give

to you

each day

love grows

beyond strength

known to

man kind

the abundance

there is

creates strength

between us

an abundance

there is

however we

remind ourselves

what’s built

needs time

breathing space

to live

as one

to keep

the abundance

of love

living alive

forever more

17. the kiss goodbye

the kiss goodbye

after an evening

where the world was alive

and the hearts were young

i was a gent and politely asked

if i could kiss you goodbye

people looked on

but i for one did not care

nothing felt more right

than this moment

in the evening sunlight

at the end of a perfect evening

all i wished for

was the perfect kiss

and on that day and moment

the kiss goodbye

was just perfect to match the evening

as we walked away from each other

i already started to miss you

everything felt perfect

it was perfection

that evening

the sun never set

still has never set

as that moment has always

will always

be my perfect evening light

18. fuck revision

fuck revision

i was on a mission

quick decision

never forgiven

my ambition

driven by you

you became

my religion


to kiss you

never given

once my position

was in diminution

my decision

to fuck revision

never hampered

my ambition

19. gamble

you’d gamble on a horse

but you wouldn’t gamble on me

even if you knew

i’d be a winner

for you

matter does it not

that i ramble on and on

how the feelings i have

as they are just uncontrollable

some day

a gamble on my rambles

would pay

either to stop

the ramblings

or the gamble

i am willing to take

but only

if you are

gamble on a horse

for it only to run away

where as i will stand strong

for you

and always be there

next to you

when you need me most

next time you gamble

think of my ramble

and the words i say

as they may be

worth the gamble

20. i felt like running

i felt like running

but i savoured my time

to get to you

this was a journey to explore

my heart and my mind

not just a journey

to get to you

with many unanswered questions

each step i took

i thought carefully about

as you and i

had come a long way

and this was not the time

for any misplaced steps

i felt like running

but i thought my way to you

knowing you’d been hurt

i wasn’t rushing to cause more pain

i knew what my heart and mind felt

it was just time required

to find out how best to get to you

21. you were my pleasant thorn

you were my mistake

you knew what was at stake

i couldn’t let go of you

no matter how much I tried

you were my pleasant thorn

in my side

keeping me on my toes

yet painful to get rid of

everything was at stake

when I stood by you

however I stood by you

as I honestly thought

you were the risk I needed

you knew what was a stake

when you took my hand

and we walked together

the thorn pressed into my side

keeping my eyes wide to look out for you

but i could never let go of you

22. my mind changed

my mind changed

it felt different

after I shared my thoughts

with you

my mind changed

after I spoke of my likeness

for you

sombre was the mind

yet sober was is not


it spoke words of truth

deep from within

a shared thought

that changed the mind

but in what way

i can't work out

when I feel the same

as I did before

yet something has changed

no more words spoken

it feels swept under the carpet

like worthless words

that should it seem

never have been let out

the mind changed

feeling like it cannot be repaired

as words spoken

cannot be taken back

the mind changed

it doesn’t speak

unless it needs to now

the mind changed

and it felt like the world did to

however i know

everything is the same

so why do i feel so different?

23. i started to write

i started to write

all because one day

i read a poem in the classroom

and thought this feels good

from then I wrote another poem

and another

and another

then came many more

the poetry I write

may not make sense to you

even may come across as rubbish

however what I write

is from me to you

to read and explore

my thoughts and more