Red Collection


  1. Beautiful View – Looking at someone who is a beautiful view
  2. Wave – Waving at someone special
  3. Smile – Smiling from someone important
  4. Manic World – Living in a manic world and taking a moment to reflect / take a break
  5. Comfortable – Being comfortable with someone
  6. Sky – Finding the answer to problems
  7. A Thousand Feelings – Feelings from a place / object
  8. Path – Religious thoughts
  9. On a day like today – Treating someone on a special day
  10. Light – Believing and hope
  11. These are my feelings laid bare – Feelings put out there and on the line for you to see
  12. Arms Wide Open – Being in love with someone and not letting go
  13. Light around the world – Believing and hope
  14. You are my star – A poem about my daughter
  15. Dreaming of you last night – Dreaming of someone special who dies
  16. Edge of the World – Deciding what the next decision to make, and sometimes falling along the way
  17. Every Eye – Each eye you see in life has a story to tell
  18. You are my heaven and my haven – Being comfortable with someone


You don’t have to travel far to see some special views

I could be sat on top of Coopers Hill

Looking out at the view

But sitting next to you

I need not look any further for a beautiful view.


When I see you leave

I wave goodbye

But in my mind

I’m blowing you kisses

Wishing I could hug you goodbye

When I see you leave

I look into your eyes

Hoping you can see how sad I am to leave

When I see you leave

I wave goodbye for now

Holding onto the last view of you

Until I can wave hello the next time we shall meet.

3. SKY

When I look at the sky

I never know what I expect to see

Sometimes I think the answer to my problem will appear from above

I look deeply at the blue sky

The answer is there somewhere to be found

Perhaps a passing cloud might help

If a cloud can’t help

I’ll just have to keep on looking

The answer I crave may never be found

But when I look at the sky

I at least know you can look to the sky

Maybe one day we will find the answer together.


When I’m around you

I never feel awkward

As I sit near you I feel so warm and close to you

I could talk to you for hours

Listen and share opinions of this world we live

I’m not even sure if the word ‘comfortable’ is the right word to use

But I don’t feel like this with anyone else.


We live in a manic world

Never ending noise & movements

Just sometimes, sometimes

Peaceful moments come along:

– You Savour The Moment –

Closing your eyes

Inhale a deep breath

And at that moment you think to yourself

Clear your mind

Still with your eyes closed

You breathe out

Open your eyes wide open

You see the world in front of you once more

Now a little calmer

More focused

You’re ready to take on the manic world we live.


On a day like today

I’d treat you like a princess

Shower you with gifts

Treat you and spoil you

On a day like today

I’d hug and kiss you

Hold your hand

Smile at you at every occasion I could

On a day like today

I might only get to smile at you

And to receive one back

Means the world to me

On a day like today

I can only think of you

Because today is all about you.


Oh Lord help us all

Through trials of life

One can never rely on you more

Guide me, show me the way

Guide me in the direction I am destined to go

Help me choose a path to follow

A path that will lead me to you.


A static picture can tell a thousand feelings

The look in your eyes gives me all I need to know

Even looking at a picture of you, My heart melts

A thousand feelings run through my body

Every time I see a picture of you

And everytime I see you for real

My heart grows a bit fonder of you.


Standing here with my arms wide open

Waiting for you to get to me

I’ve fallen in [love] (and I need you here)

I scream and shout but no one can hear me

These thoughts need to be let out

Dreaming of holding my arms out wide

Waiting for you to get to me

Embracing in body & mind

I’ll never let you go

For as long as I shall live.


Laying down all these feelings

Leaving them exposed to the world

I feel bare as these feelings are all I have to offer

I see all sorts of feelings in the world

I can relate to some

If not many feelings

But I struggle to say how I feel

(Sometimes because I’m not expected to feel this way about you

Nor am I expected to show the way I care for you so much)

I write for feelings I have for people

People I find close to my heart

These are my feelings laid bare

Please treat them with care.


You give me the light to shine

The energy to breathe

When all seems lost or far away

You were there to encourage me

Give me the inspiration to live

You see me in a different light

A better light I may add

The light I want to live my life by

I breathe much easier around you

And the light you give to me

Guides me in the right direction.


I had a dream you died in my arms

I held you tight

Made sure you were in no pain

I never told you how I felt

There was never time

When I saw your eyes close for the final time

I knew I’d lost so much

The final breath

The final goodbye

I kept holding tight

Keeping you safe until the very last moment

When I knew you were gone

I knew you were in a better place with God

I never told you how I felt

I ran out of time

But until we meet again

Until we can hold each other

I’ll tell you every day that I love you.


Pointing at the star in the sky

Saying to you it’s the twinkle in your eyes

Seeing the smile appear upon your face

Telling you how beautiful you are

Looking up at the sky

The clear blue sunny sky

I saw the stars disappear from the sky

Then seeing the twinkle in your eyes

Reminds me I’ll never be far away from a twinkle of a star

You are my star

You’ll never be far away

I can look to the sky

I can look into your eyes

You are my star.


Dark days never remain dark

There is always light around the world

It may take it’s time to get to you

But the darkness will move

Making room for the light to shine and break open the day

A new day will come

It will be the start of something new

The light will shine

It will make you breathe easier

Looking back on the darker days will make you stronger

But do not dwell upon them

Let them remind you of the positive light you have been given in front of you

The light around the world will get to you

And when it does it will be worth the wait.


Standing on the edge of the world

viewing as far as the eye can see

pondering the next move to make

contemplating the future that lay before me

As I stand on the edge of the world

the world becomes more in focus

knowing that there is a risk that I could fall

puts everything I have into perspective

Standing on the edge will not help me if I do not act

I must have the fear within me to make choices

As I may not make them in any other circumstance

but yet acting now may cause me to fall

Yet the risk of falling or the risk of staying on the edge

Will not deter my feelings from the choices I make

I may only reflect on what I have thought from afar

but until I fall I shall not know what is there to fall upon

To what I fall upon or what I find once landed

Is the unknown we all face in life

in each day of every year

Once fallen I have to stand again

To stand again and look back from where I fell

The edge of the world may now seem so far away

As I look up at the edge I feared for so long

I now look to climb to that edge again.


Every eye has a youthful side

they never look old nor bored of looking

The eye can see in many ways

some ways it wishes to see the world how they want to be

in other ways it sees the world as it is to be

Every eye has a beautiful side

even though the eye has no sides

the colour and the depth of each eye

is beauty captured in every ray of light

the light shining upon your eye sparkles to catch my eye,

Every eye has a story to tell

No matter where you look

I can see you have many thoughts through your eyes

Every eye tells your emotion

maybe emotions of sadness

maybe emotions of happiness

but every emotion runs through your eyes

Every time I look into your eyes

Every emotion runs through my eyes into yours

I see the wonderful you within your eyes.


You are the place, my muse where all my dreams congregate

my haven where I can relax and be me

You are the heaven I dream about every day

and the haven I wished so much for

for so long

You are my heaven and my haven

I need not say much more.