Summer Nights Sunset


  1. Never Give In
  2. Time to Dream
  3. Lost
  4. Common Earth
  5. ‘friend’
  6. School
  7. Further Ideas
  8. Why that hill?
  9. Mr Cooper
  10. Running Back
  11. That Night
  12. What more
  13. Sadness of the Heart
  14. Admire
  15. Figure in the shadow
  16. Sinking Stone
  17. Across the Room
  18. Walk away
  19. Thrive
  20. Parallel World
  21. Crash!
  22. Words that don’t mean a thing
  23. Heart in a Frame


I always say to myself to never give in

Hope is always on the horizon

I just need to travel a bit further to reach it

Never give in, never! I tell myself

There is however so many times I can tell myself this

Knowing as each day goes on

A little more doesn’t happen

More words aren’t said than are said

If it were to be it would have happened by now

If the enthusiasm was even

What was hoped for would have occurred by now

It’s such a shame to give in, never give in I say

Not on a soul I may add

Just what is promised but never delivered

For reasons out of my control

If it were meant to be, the world would have let it happen

I know deep down I have given in

I have believed for too long now

Yet without a return from my shouts

I know what is done is done

I always believed I would never give in

But the pain has become too much

Every thought and every day

I pray it would be the day the promise arrived

After so long the heart cannot take much more

So much to say but the one not to say it to

I have given in on the hope that two hearts could collide

Yet I haven’t given in on the soul that helps my soul

The soul I speak of will never see what I have felt

Gone through the thoughts to be at that point to share the heart

It lays dormant now, the heart

It beats to keep the body living, not much else

I have given in, let the wind take my thoughts

Ready and willing for someone else to use them

Some promises are kept, some are just all talk

But like myself not all can be kept.


I went to sleep

Ready to dream

Of you

Because I love


With every part of my heart

I went to sleep

I dreamt of you

It made my day

Because you

Are beautiful

No dream is as good

As seeing you

For real

I went to sleep

Knowing I would dream

Of you

And about you

Because I love





Once a hope

Now a lost dream

Gone is the hope

And lost is my soul

The sight ahead

Blurred and unclear

I’ve lost the hope

And gained no dreams.


The only thing we’ve got in common

Is earth that we walk

How could I think that there was ever more

We walk the same paths

But in different directions

The only thing in common

Is the air that we breathe

Invisible to the eye

Just like the thoughts

That are within in my mind

The only thing in common

Is the same sun we share

To live our life under

The same sun that burns our skin

The only thing in common

Is the silence we both share

Common earth

Walking under our feet

It’s about all that we have.


Facebook says that you’re my ‘friend’

So in the street

Why don’t you say ‘hi’?

No need to turn your head away

Or try to look away from my face

In an awkward stare at the floor or sky

All I would do is say ‘hello how are you?’

It would seem

That just because something says

We’re ‘friends’

Doesn’t actually mean we are

I could walk past you time again

Look over to say ‘hiya’

But it would not matter

As we’re actually not real ‘friends’

Is this where we are at my ‘friends’?

It would appear so

My lost friends.


A place that taught so much

The basis for life

The life I was to lead from here

Yet the day finally came

When the school closes for good

The final chance to see where I learnt

Where memories will forever have a place in my mind

For I did not take the chance to see the school again

What good would it have done?

I have no bad memories I may add

But now it is a place I haven’t visited for many years

And will now never visit again

It however has made me think of the times had

The day that I gained my GCSEs on that hot summers day

One of the most joyous days I can think of

To where I first saw the sight of my first love

(Not in the curriculum, but we all have to take a break from the work),

From the start of each school day

We stood and met by the design technology block

Day in day out without fail (unless ill)

We would meet there and pass the time talking

Some of us had an affinity with the teachers

Speaking to them on a human level

Rather than a teacher only level

Mocked for who we were by some

A small group of friends

Who got through school together

School was all one way for me


Just like the one way system they introduced from year 9

What a havoc that was, what day did that idea end!?

The place taught me a lot

But maybe I left too soon, I admit

It was my level, my level of understanding

I could have achieved higher marks here than where I was to move

I look back and there were bigger and better characters than I

For I only wanted to achieve the best that I could

I look back and have little regret

Maybe to stay and continue my and achieve where I started

It would have been a thank you for the previous years’ support

But that was a choice and a choice now laid in history

Going back now would have done very little

From what I have seen, not many a face do I remember

Yet the school I learnt from

Has fewer days to remain as a school

The day is nearly here to demolish the bricks that stand

I never thought about school as much since being there

Now it’s going I have more fond memories than I thought I had

My first poem written in the English classroom;

‘Let Me Be’

From here led me

Inspired me to write what I feel

Convey the world and what I feel into words

Hearing of the bricks to be brought down

It has made me think a lot of the time there

I enjoyed my time at school

Even through the tough days, tough times

All I can do now is look back

Smile and remember

I wish you farewell

You taught me well.


Any further ideas I may have

I may just keep to myself

A lonely world I write in

Just isn’t worth the words I write

Any further ideas

Will just be ideas

There is not a need

To write them down.


No one will ever understand why I like this hill so much

It is after all just a hill, with a view of the city below

The larger hills in the background as clear as I have ever seen them

It’s peaceful up here, only a dim hum of the cars on the motorway

The view is in my eyes spectacular

Especially on a warm summer's evening like today

The sun shining and a slight cool breeze, but not much more

Through the trees I walk in the shade

The ground is dry unlike the last time I was here

Back then there was a foot of snow upon the ground

A sharp cold breeze and a much tougher walk than today

Through the shade of the trees you wouldn’t think it was sunny

Then as you walk the trees part their way

The world opens up into a sunny glorious view

I sit by the edge of the cheese roll and I look out at the view

No one will ever understand why I like it so much up here

Always something new to look at, find, admire

I have fond memories of here, first starting with scouting up here

Since then I have always more often than not been a lonely visitor to here

The walk clears the mind, the heart gets a work out from the ascent

It’s not mountain nor is it too easy, just a nice pleasant walk

With rewarding views at the end of it to help the mind think a little bit more

With the hill just on the doorstep I could visit so much more

However it makes it all worthwhile when I do get to visit

With the camera in hand each photo I take differs from one to the next

It will always be a part of me, although I will never understand why

A place I can call my muse shall we say, a thought provoking place

Why that hill I may say? I do not know, or need not worry why.


Mr Cooper was an elderly man

He was tall and had a good view on life

His eyes were in perfect vision

But his hair was thin on top

With a strange straight line of baldness on top

People went to him to visit him no matter what the weather

He was peaceful and had many stories to tell

He often liked a walk to the Black Horse Inn

But he was better known for looking out at the views

Mr Cooper is like a guardian to us all

He stands tall, proud and ever willing to give a helping hand

Like a branch of a tree, there to support and forever hold on

As the spring changes into summer, people gathered at his doorstep

They brought cheese but never any biscuits

He at times was overwhelmed with many visitors he received

But as quickly as they arrived they soon departed

Leaving him to be alone once more

Yet he never felt any loneliness as he knew they would be back

If you ever needed to share a pew he always had one

Often sharing his views on life with you

However leaving you to make your own mind up

Letting you be in silence, he would give time to think

Many people who visited stayed for a while, yet many were just passing by

Mr Cooper has time for anyone as long as they were polite

Just remember to say hello when you see Mr Cooper

Give him a smile, he’ll always wave back and wish you a good day.


Running back

I realise what I had

Despite running so fast

I could still see you

Looking back at me

Running back

Up the hill so fast

It took all my breath away

This is my muse

This is where I need to be

Running back

To the era, place and time

I know what I had

And all I have now is my muse

My muse to keep my mind alive

There’s not many who are a muse

Nor a fool would think of me

Forever running back

From the modern day

To the place I know I could be.


That night

After our first kiss

I lay there thinking of you

And wondered what you thought

My heart was screaming out for more

More answers, than kisses

That night

I didn’t sleep much at all

My heart racing

And wanting the world

To turn so I would fall to you

That night

My world had changed

Forever more

No night was ever the same

That night

I knew

It was you

Forever more.


Kiss me

What more do I have to say

Need me

What more do I have to say

Feel me

What more do I have to say

Believe me

What more do I have to say

Love me

What more do I have to say

Want me

What more do I have to say

Hold me

What more do I have to say.


No one hears the sadness in my heart

[imagine a still figure sat on a bench staring blankly straight ahead]

I could be sat next to you screaming out

[imagine that person sat like before but with you with a microphone screaming into their ear]

Holding a sign to tell you all I feel

[imagine me holding a sign next to you on that bench and you looking straight through it]

But you wouldn’t hear the sadness in my heart.



When you admire

Someone from so far away

For so long

I wonder

What they would think

If I shared my thoughts

So many thoughts

Of admiration

Butterflies in my stomach

When I think of you

Telling you my inner thoughts

Releases an area

Of my mind

I thought I’d never let go

But at least you know now.


The shadow I create

Is a taller


Person than I will ever be

The shadow may be dark

Looming in front of me

Or even following me around

The figure in the shadow

Always there looking on

Not always one to speak out

Just quietly seeing the world go past

I may not always say much

But I still care for you

I’ll always will be there to care for you

Maybe just not in the way I would like.


I never thought I’d feel like this again

My heart has sunk like a stone

Sinking to the bottom of the sea

I knew my feelings for you were strong

But now I realise how strong they are

The last time I felt like this it took time to dissolve the feelings

Now I feel the process of doing so starts again

I’ll see you at every occasion I can

It’s just that I won’t be able to tell you how I feel

My heart will be forever sinking

But buoyed by the fact you’ve seen the real me.


Our eyes meet from across the room

The world around me becomes silent

All I see is the beauty within your eyes

And at that moment nothing else matters

Until I have to look away

I’ll look into your eyes and see the beauty within.


Time to step away

Leave the thoughts to what I have

At the bottom of the stairs

Walk away.


My mind can’t cope

Cope with the thoughts of you

You make me want to shout out

Out to the world in joy

Joy for the feelings

Feelings I thrive upon

Upon my heart they lie proudly

Proudly I would give everything for you

You to be near me.


I was never meant to be in this world

There was a time shift in a single moment

That caused a change in the timeline of life

Something only equivalent to a nuclear bomb

It rocked my world until this very day

How life is now and what it could have been

I don’t live in regret

In the life that is now

But I can’t think what life would have been like

As it’s in a parallel world.

21. CRASH!

Crash! I fell to the floor, fists were thrown

Many bruises were laid upon our faces

It all started when I realised

You weren’t good enough for her

My heart was beating out of my chest

Ready for you to throw your next hit

No man shall ever hurt her again

I tell you now I have never felt so angered

Crash! Each hit is another reminder

Why you aren’t good enough for her

I will fight for you.


I love you

Can’t you see that

My heart throbs

From my chest

For you

I love you

Words that don’t mean a thing

To anyone else.


Put my heart in a picture frame

& that will be your present.