the bookshelf


  1. ‘A bookshelf upon the wall’
  2. ‘The book that leans’
  3. ‘Each hill is a book’
  4. ‘my heart fell out with my mind’
  5. ‘Written to you about you’
  6. ‘reading a forgotten thought’
  7. ‘the house on the hill’
  8. ‘never taken illegal pills’
  9. ‘knock’
  10. ‘she looks across the land’
  11. ‘Light of the fire’
  12. ‘Verse’
  13. ‘Green fields’
  14. ‘a step away’
  15. ‘strings from my heart’
  16. ‘Stacking thoughts and memories’
  17. ‘Water’
  18. ‘as you left the room’
  19. ‘I still see your footsteps’
  20. ‘Simple words’

1. ‘A bookshelf upon the wall’

A bookshelf upon the wall

with very few books on it

Each one that there is

is a story of feelings, thoughts

& most often true love

Each story read & believed

sometimes that’s what they will just be

a story they’ll always be

A book of feelings

place upon the shelf

never to be opened again

A small shelf

with few books

and a heart

wanting to read more

of each chapter

each page

once more

to relive that moment

But what was

is confined to the shelf

to be part of history

Created in time passed

lived as part of the future

not knowing what the future held

and must be reflected on

with no regrets

or desperate wishes

A bookshelf upon the wall

is a place for memories to be stored

and adore them as our past

as we go forward with life.

2. ‘The book that leans’

One book stands

the other leans

Standing strong

or others

will fall

Be the book

that stands up

holding ones close to you

supporting them

as you’d wish

to be supported

The book that leans

is forever close to you

needing you by their side

otherwise they will fall

To stand strong

is to help others

Lean as they may

but you cannot fall.

3. ‘Each hill is a book’

Each hill I walk

is a book in itself

with ups and downs

physical and mentally

putting the heart

through its paces

Each word is another step

each chapter is a new lane

we turn the page like a corner

intrigued to find what happens next

Each step I take

the words flow from the mind

onto a page

creating a book of thoughts

Each hill

like a book

placed in the mind

to always remember

what it was that made the story.

4. ‘my heart fell out with my mind’

my heart fell out with my mind

for a while they did not speak

my heart wanted something

the mind said it could not have

a battle commenced

with words frightful and fraught

the heart battled the mind

and the mind battled the heart

unimaginable pain was felt

as one tried to outfight the other

the battle took it’s toll

as the heart was scarred

while the mind was fatigued

once they had given everything they could

in a moments peace

they began to speak

each one explaining why they fought

with moments when battle

nearly commencing again

with some peace reached

the mind and the heart

will always believe what they do

yet what is right in life

can be open to discussion

my heart fell out with my mind

never really knowing

what they could do

to forget you.

5. ‘Written to you about you’

I’ve written

about you

to you

never anything

from you

Heart spoken

words written

no one listening

A pause

for thought

the moment

moves on

For you

live on

as I

think why

you never

wrote back

My heart

spoke freely

never easy

Had I

stayed quiet

maybe I

could have

written more

to you

with you

never knowing.

6. ‘reading a forgotten thought’

heart racing

blood pumping

the imagination running wild

this must be me

running in my own mind

reading a forgotten thought

from the shelf

i picked a book

not knowing what i’d find

how the memories

came flooding back

when the heart could take no more

it slammed the book closed

out of breath and panicked

hurriedly and clumsy

the book was back on the shelf

the heart still racing

it opened the door

looked back at the book

with wide open eyes

the door closed

as the heart raced out

with memories remembered

a trip down memory lane

got the heart pumping

like it first did

when i met you all that time ago.

7. ‘the house on the hill’

the house on the hill

a small but perfect house

with a little red wooden door

with trees in the background

a location to be loved

through the red door

the wood fire roared

with the smell of baked cakes

hitting you as you walked in

as i walked through the lounge

the kitchen door was ajar

a dark wooden door

with a steel handle to push the door open

i peered around the door

seeing you outside in the garden

the kitchen was warm

a homely kitchen with a character

walking further in

i saw your smile as you spoke on the telephone

putting up my hand to wave

you looked around and you saw me

the telephone conversation ending abruptly

you came through the door to the kitchen

without a word being spoken

you ran over to me

wrapping your arms around me

hugging me so tightly all i could do

wanted to do was reciprocate with equal warmth

it felt like years waiting for this moment

and yet it was years i had waited

but finding the house on the hill

walking through the red door again

i found you and you welcomed me

in the most sensational of settings

it was a place and the right time

to relax, reminisce and recapture

the years that have passed.

8. ‘never taken illegal pills’

i like

to walk

tall hills

never taken

illegal pills

i get

my high

from walking

pushing myself

as far

as i

am able

to go

until i

can go

no further.

9. ‘knock’

deep breath

door knock

i wait

no answer

i sigh

knock again

someone approaches

heart beat

beyond control

you answer

the door

eyes wide

dry mouth

first word

stutter hello

i’m here

to talk

about us

as i

miss you

need you

if you

would listen

to what

i have

to say.

10. ‘She looks across the land’

Looking across the land

her eyes see what I do

Knowing that her eyes

are deep and beautiful

a view like this

must inspire any mind

As she looks across the land

she reminds me of my duty

to love and care for her

protect her with every heartbeat I have

Across the land

we admire the place we live

walking to be adventurous

and enjoy the time we have

As she looks across the land

I hope she sees the hope that I do

to find the journey of life ahead

beautiful and challenging

as much as it can be.

11. ‘Light of the fire’

We sat around the fire

a gentle wind blew across the shore

our faces lit by the light of the flames

I looked across and saw you

once the flames died down

the glow of the fire

somehow complementing your beauty

Between you and I

stood a fire

and for me

it was a barrier to stop me

getting close to you

But as we sat

the light caught my eye again

and the view of you

wouldn’t stop me from trying

I knew if the flames died down

the light would go to

therefore I found more branches

to stoke the fire

as it created more light

to see you

and more time to admire you

Given time I will find the encouragement

to walk round the fire

sit next to you

and find out more about you

And even when the flames have gone

and the fire has died down

maybe we’ll talk all night

if everything feels right.

12. ‘Verse’

In the first verse

I tell you I like you

In the second verse

I hold your hand

The third verse

I walk you home so you are safe

The fourth verse

I hold you close

The fifth verse

I admire your beauty as I lay next to you

The sixth verse

I tell you I love you

The seventh verse

I propose

The eighth verse

We watch as the sun sets

Knowing you are the one I live my life for

The ninth verse

We grow as a family and live together as one

The tenth verse

We live our lives until the final breath

With a breath never wasted.

13. ‘Green fields’

Green fields



Into down


Dull grey





Once pleasant


A green field

I will

Always be

Want to be

As I am

Not for


Or churning

Into something

I do

Not want

To be



From land

As green

As can be

To where

My heart


14. ‘a step away’

a step away

from finding you

- a single step away

ever so close

my decision made

i turned back

never have i been closer

nor will i ever be again

a step away

that’s all it was

- a step

whatever it was that day

that made me turn away

i may never really know

or even why i did so

an extra step now

won’t change anything that was

however now each step i take now

i take just one more

just incase i find you

or whatever it is i look for.

15. ‘strings from my heart’

You play a tune

with the strings from my heart

knowing which chords to play

The tune I hear

is everything I need

all I need

to feel just like me

Please don’t stop playing

as the tune gets me through

everything that comes my way

and I feel at ease with myself

Whenever I feel down

you play a tune with my heart

as you know what chords to play

I forever will hope

that the strings of my heart

are always in tune with you

And if ever they’re not

come and play a tune

with the strings of my heart

as the tune we can make

is music to my ears.

16. ‘Stacking thoughts and memories’

We don’t always place what we want to upon the shelf

sometimes the space is just filled with thoughts

Like our books and music

we have to put what the mind thinks somewhere

The mind is a somewhat complicated place

stacking thoughts and memories

next to one another

and sometimes they don’t always fit or sit comfortably

But they must be placed somewhere

Unlike the bookshelf

the mind never seems to become full

it feels overwhelmed but somehow

the mind managed to stack and store

every memory that we have

With some things deemed forgotten

they come back with great detail

almost every detail remembered of that moment

is just baffling how the mind remembers is a wonder

The mind is the greatest and most complex shelf we have

some days it surprises us

other days it overwhelms

yet it never seems to make us wonder

how all the thoughts and memories are stored

ready for us to use when the mind is triggered

with more detail than we care to remember.

17. ‘Water’

Rain falling

from the sky

to the ground

I fall like the rain

with time to think

as the air rushes past

and nearer the ground becomes

How I may change

during the journey

through the sky

as I travel closer

to the ground

From the environment I am in

to what’s felt inside

is not all in my control

Sky high to ground level

falling hard as hail

or rushing as rain

I may even sink softly as snow

Once fallen

I will always be water

in whatever form

to take on the world

I fall from the sky

with the unknown

below me,

only knowing

that it’s getting closer.

18. ‘as you left the room’

as you left the room

you kissed me goodbye

so unexpectedly

i was caught by surprise

it was only when you’d gone

i realised i was dreaming

i didn’t even get the chance

to wish you a nice weekend

a moment's lapse in my mind

cost me from saying goodbye

as you left the room

i wish that i was with you.

19. ‘i still see your footsteps’

i still see

your footsteps here

as if

they were placed here


as the wind blows

the trees rustle

i look around

expecting to see you

the footsteps i see

freshly pressed

with my own

next to yours

the ground here

has changed

throughout time

however i still see

your footsteps

as if it was


we walked

side by side

and forever

we will be

in my mind

i still see your footsteps

as they walk into the distance

leaving mine behind

as mine follow a different path

your footsteps walk on

finding new steps to follow.

20. ‘Simple words’

Simple words

seem the best

to say the most

So to say

I like you

may not mean much

to you as you hear me

say those words

it’s just that

I adore you


I adore you

Never expecting

A word to come back

Yet I stand afar

admiring a heart

so close

to mine

yet so far.