The Dark Side of Light


  1. looking fine let's dine
  2. hey bear
  3. the poison seeped further (into the heart and the mind)
  4. Think, drink and the unknown
  5. Words
  6. Tie me down to the shore
  7. Watching the world
  8. Fluctuation
  9. Oh I wish
  10. The clock goes on
  11. Get up, Be Strong
  12. If found, please return
  13. Lost
  14. See my eyes
  15. You lay perpendicular to me
  16. Sort those thoughts
  17. the dark side of light
  18. Different
  19. i tried
  20. tell me straight
  21. deep
  22. the river
  23. you are my light
  24. Tell me a fable
  25. Angel
  26. - end -

1. looking fine let's dine

looking fine

let's dine

to see if we bind

give some time

to find

if we could combine

i think we could be sublime

never mind

if anyone else thinks you're devine

i’d like you to be mine

you play on my mind

and in time

even at 3 after midnight

i tell you what's behind

my lost blue eyes

(and it is for your mind

to decide if we should delve

into each others lives

as my mind is made up

and i wait for you)

2. hey bear

hey bear

i found a tear

i needed to repair

i didn't hold on too tight

but i tried to fight

for what i felt

was right

each night

my bear was there

unknown to me

the tear was forming

hey bear

let me lie next to you

fix you ready for tomorrow

as the tear

need not be there

hey bear

now you have been repaired

i hold you closer than ever

but never too tight

as i will always fight for you

as you are my bear

you are what’s right my bear

hey bear

i like you

love you

always in need of you

3. the poison seeped further (into the heart and the mind)

you saw more

than ever before

as the poison

seeped further

into the heart and the mind

as I lost consciousness

of the real world

my world became real

very real to me

i felt alive

like i've never been brain dead

gaining more in confidence

than losing my mind

once again

you saw more

i felt more

but the poison

stopped me

from being me

the real me

as you

know me

far too well

you saw more

than you never should

as what i am inside

should stay just there

and i am alive

even if the poison tells me otherwise

4. Think, drink and the unknown

Have a think

then a drink

and think some more

another drink

and you hit

the unknown

the unknown

untold world

where memories

are somewhere

but never really there

drink to remember

think more to work out why

drink one more

and then there’s nothing more

have a think

drink one more

when one more

is never enough

and enough has been drunk

5. Words

You are the words

within my heart

as my heart

does not speak

other than words

of the love I have

held within

forever breathing

to keep me alive

You are the words

that keep me breathing

and whenever I am short of breath

I think of you and your words

which fill my body with hope

and the air I need

6. Tie me down to the shore

Tie me down to the shore

So I don't float away

When the tide is high

let the water rise high

letting my body

feel the cold flow of water

as I gasp for air

the tide recedes

my feet touch the shore once more

still tethered

I know I cannot float away

when the tide is high

remaining strong from now on

and I will be wiser

when the tide comes in again

I will not float away

when the tide gets to me

as I need to be next to you

forever with you

7. Fluctuation

I’m hot, cold

up, down

happy, sad

never, forever

in doubt

I’m introverted


confidence grown

and lost in time

I’m all out of energy

and I can’t give no more

High, low

sometimes I never know

exo, endo

the balance

easy tipped

positive, negative

my mind is a switch

and some days

I just don’t have control

8. Watching the world

We use to sit down

watch the world go by

as it went round and round

Then one day

I wrote you a song

but I got it all wrong

as the tune you played

didn’t match my words

Watching the world as we did

I sit wanting to know

if the world is right

or am I just out of sight

I just want you to call

even though numbers change

to once again

light up my phone

like you lit up my life

9. Oh I wish

Oh I wish

I wish I could take

all of the pain away

I still love your eyes

and the way that you smile

My heart has never beat so fast

since I left you that day

Oh I wish

I just wish you knew

how much I think of you

and how I want to take the pain away

Oh I wish

I just wish

10. The clock goes on

By 10pm

I already know

that you are in my heart

1am and I still stand by you

saying little but always listening

2am and time to go

my words impeded

but mean all the same

The clock goes on

but my heart never stops

quiet I may be by morning

yet there is never silence

when the day goes by

and my mind is awake

to think about you

By 10am I wish it was 10pm again

Waiting for 2am

When my impeded words

find their way from my heart

into the open night air

but as the clock goes on

nights become days

and days become weeks

11. Get up, Be Strong

You’re weak

you’re poor

you’re never off the floor

Stand up

Stand strong

Stand above

Stand and be proud

12. If found, please return

My words lost,


13. Lost


in a memory

from long ago

when no one else



because the path

split into two

and I walked elsewhere


because I found you

all too late

when fate ran out

leaving you and I

to stare across the room


because no one else


what I do and why

so with every memory

is another moment for someone to forget

when all I do

is to remember

every detail

every single detail

14. See my eyes

You see my eyes

but you don’t see

what is behind the eyes

You don’t see

what they feel

for you

My eyes tell you

everything that I know

and all you need to know

Yet you don’t see it

and in turn

never feel what I do

You see my eyes

and there is a world behind them

a world of great belief

that one day

I will show you

15. You lay perpendicular to me

As the night goes on

you lay perpendicular to me

with you head upon my lap

You look up to me

as you speak your mind

and I look down

to listen and admire you

Sweeping your hair to one side

I have never felt so comfortable

this is you and I

how I always imagine it would be

The night goes on

but time for me has stood still

as this moment is a moment

that I don’t want to end

All of the words within my heart

make their way out to you

as I look down and admire you

and every word you understand

I always imagined it would be like this

and so it is

that my heart is in love with you

16. Sort those thoughts

To sort

my thoughts

only taught

me to sought

what I feel

and fought

long and hard

to show you

my thoughts

17. the dark side of light

the dark side of light

where i thought i might

find all of my fight

we often look for the light in life

where we are all drawn to

from the dark to the light

some journeys in life

are darker than others

yet at some point

we all have to get through

no matter what we have to do

the dark side of light

is just the periphery

and once we are through

we are into the light

and shine we will

the dark side might give us a fright

but never will we turn away from the light

as it is what makes us who we are

we are the light on the other side of darkness

18. Different

i have always been different

peculiar to the eye and the mind

my views ignored like my words

but when i say my heart

has something for you

take it now while it beats

as when it stops

it will be no use at all

i have always felt different

knowing what i say

will never be loud enough

or soon enough

despite my words

coming directly from my heart

being different leads to places

where i don’t always belong

and i long to be

on the same level as you

19. i tried

i tried to leave (the public house)

but i failed to do so

all in hope

you and i

would hide away

for the night together

returning the next day

with a better understanding

of mind, body and soul

i tried to leave

but your smile kept me close

yet not close enough

as your heart is strong

i tried to leave

but my heart kept me back

wanting to beat close to yours

as it may be the closet

it will ever get

i tried to leave

but i just couldn't

without telling you

trying to sell you

my heart's story

of why it's you

that stopped me from leaving

20. tell me straight

tell me straight

when i ask

if you like me

as when i ask

my heart

has been numbed

ready for the answer

that i dread

and the only answer

that there can be

should be

but somehow i hope

you like me back

when you tell me straight

21. deep

no heart is deep enough

that i cannot reach

to show you what you mean

instead of staying

safe upon the surface

from the depth of your eyes

i know you feel for so many things

but your heart is just as deep

yet not deep enough for me

to not find how you feel

everyone can see the surface

a place to hide what’s beneath

and what runs through your veins

of love, likeness and hate

runs deep into the body

and only words and actions

can show what you feel

as no one can know

unless what’s deep inside

is let out into the world

22. the river

as i washed my clothes in the flowing river

my thoughts of the previous evening

washed away down the river and far away

as i knelt down the river was cool and calm

just what was needed as my thoughts were fatigued

the river swept gently by and i wandered

from the river bank to the water

time and time again rattling my mind

if i could have been more confident that night

i could have been with you instead of here

as my thoughts washed down the river

my head became clear and focused

the silence of the river bank helped me to think

then as the rain came down my thoughts came back

every feeling i had ever felt ran through my body

the thoughts i thought that had washed away

were still within me as they have always been

from the river bank i could have drifted away

but i took my time and the river replenished

what i thought i had lost

here at the river bank i knew my time here was done

and my thoughts now must get me back home

to where and who i belong with

23. you are my light

you are my light

but i have to go

to the dark side

to get to you

as you and i live

in the light and shadows

with life is not always as bright

as i would like

so we battle through the dark

until we reach the light

where our hearts are happier

with a stronger understanding

you are my light

through every darkness

and every moment i have

i live towards the light

that holds all of my hope

24. Tell me a fable

Tell me a fable

Where I'm able

To put all my feelings upon the table

A fable that lasts a lifetime

Is a fable worth writing

As every feeling is a word

From the heart to you

A fable untold

forever plays upon the mind and heart

as it should have been

but now a fable lost

tossed away into the past

A fable able to change the world

maybe not your world this time

but someone else's world

to finish a fable

placing everything on the table

so no feelings are left out.

25. Angel

You are my angel

guiding me away from the dark

into the light that is life

You sit upon my shoulder

whispering your words

to show me which way to go

Without you I’d be lost

within the dark

and never finding a way out

No matter what

you are my angel

even if you don’t even know

how much you mean

to me and for me

as you are the light of my life

26. - end -

i like you

i like you

i like you

i like you

i like you

i like you

i like you

i like you

- end -