Where Poetry Escapes The Mind


  1. Verdant land
  2. Phonics
  3. A plot of land
  4. She made me race the sea
  5. A leaf didn't leave my sole
  6. She stood out before and she will stand out again
  7. the path in front of me
  8. The house

1. ‘Verdant land’

Gloucestershire land

For miles it surrounds

The heart of the City

Verdant land

Inspires the mind

Hills to walk

Fields to explore

With paths aplenty

Upon the hills, trees sit

Summer filled with leaves

The change in autumnal colours

A winter brings a bare silhouette

To spring with new growth, new hope

Snow may fall through hills to streets

Seeing the land in a different light

Until the ice and snow flows away

With verdant land seen once again

Whatever the weather I will walk

To see the vibrant land again and once more

In sunshine or dull rain there is light to be found

Across verdant land of Gloucestershire.

2. ‘Phonics’

All in one night [I thought]

Could you be the one

[as] We share the same sun [?]

In a moment [my heart is]

Caught by the wind

[&] Maybe tomorrow

I wanna get lost with you

[just for] A minute longer

[This] Song for the summer

[like my] T shirt sun tan

[I don't wanna to say] Geronimo [to]

[thinking] I could lose ya

[I felt my] Crush


[I wanted to] Rewind [time]

[I would have] Taken a tumble [for you]

Before anyone knew our name [s]

[& asked] What’s all the fuss about

[with this] Girl

[they say she’s ] Nothing Precious at All

[yet I say she’s my world of] Rainbows and Pots of Gold

[Before I could] Wonder

[I had to choose to] Fight or Flight

[even if] A thousand trees [stood in my way]

[I didn't know what the] Chances are

[I just thought] Help me (She’s out of her mind) [I hope]

[if she likes] The local boy in the photograph

[I was ready to] Pull the pin

[to find my] Ladyluck

[even if it meant] Climbing the wall [with] Jealousy

Would you believe

I got your number

[I felt] High as the ceiling

[& best of all]

She’s alright

[after a] Caravan holiday

Lying in the sun

Maybe [one day]

[you’ll] Step on my old size nines

[& we’ll be] Mr and Mrs Smith.

3. ‘A plot of land’

A plot of land

unspoiled and bland

With a plan to build

a house to become a home

that would withstand

weathers of all types

in season upon season

& stand tall

for decades, eras

& across centuries

Providing a shelter

for family and friends

all from a piece of land

once untouched and bland

Hearts built the walls

to hold hearts young and wise

& for young hearts to grow up and old

With some stories untold

with only the walls and bricks

hearing every word

the land that it stands

captures the lives of many

silently yet strong

For the eras and years

a plot of land

would become a place,

a home

& one day

our own.

4. ‘She made me race the sea’

She made me race the sea

if I wanted to be near to her

As the waves caught my heels

I entered my plea, guilty

of being in love with you

The tide was strong

like the feelings of love

The waves crashed

deafening the ear

causing a little fear

that the love had been washed away

But as I ran the waves ceased

& out of breathe

this was my chance

to make a positive difference

in both your heart and mine.

5. ‘A leaf didn't leave my sole’

Over muddy ground

Flooded paths

Through fallen trees

Each step over stones

Closer to the clouds

Where the water gathers

Upon trees before falling

To the ground, or on me

One soul gathers thoughts

Whilst the other sole

Gathers mud and leaves

As I travel over terrain

On urban roads and rural earth

The heart desires deep rural paths

When the walk is over

For this moment or day

Breath caught, mind settled

With boots left covered in mud

Earth and leaves still reside

Upon the boots sole

The boots tumble, I see

A leaf didn't leave my sole

Resembling a memory in the soul

Is a reminder of times

Forever walking to remember

Over grounds high and flowing streams

Breathing life into new memories

& letting go of others from time gone by

Whatever land is walked over

Memories are brought back upon the sole

(it may be mud, stones, sticks or moss

But it's a reminder of the people and places)

Reminding the soul what it thought

(about what is important - person and place)

Whether it be that minute, hour or day present or gone

A leaf didn't leave my sole.

6. ‘She stood out before and she will stand out again’

Something about her stood out from where she stood

In the vast countryside she caught the eye

Despite hundreds of trees full of colour, beauty

She stood taller and brighter than any other

Eyes transfixed I could look no further to where I was heading

My minds direction had changed to where she stood

The wind blew hard with trees swaying

Leaves rustled, branches bashed one another

The noise distracted my eyes from where they looked

& when I looked back she was gone

She stood out before and she will stand out again

In whatever vast land she may stand

Taller and brighter she will be

Through a thousand trees I saw her

Over a thousand hills I’d walk

To catch a glimpse of you again

For all the colour the eye caught

You altered my mind of thoughts

& therefore you must have captured my heart

My thoughts have never been the same since

With the same thought of the same view

Something about her stood out from where she stood

& one day my eye will see her again.

7. ‘the path in front of me’

I wanna make the path in front of me

Smoother that the one I left behind

Just keeping the hills to test me

Making me stronger in life

Pave the way for little feet to find their way

Before stepping on stones and unknown ground

& find their own paths through life

Over fallen trees and puddles deep

We’ll have to go to find our way

When paths are blocked or clogged

Life is not a straight path

or the ease of freewheeling down hill

To see the view we dream

The heights, hills and mountains have to be climbed

As tough as it is and when we want to stop; sometimes

We just can’t - for our children, for us or others

8. ‘The house’

A house over my head

as the rain lashes down

Water through a tap

hot and cold

Children asleep

happy and fed

Whether wide awake or asleep

dreams are alive

(with potential)

Morning breaks

warm, rested

The house awakes

laughter breaks out

throughout the house

Summer through to winter

hearts close together

As the temperature plummets

the one I love gives me warmth

- day and night

A house over my head

protecting hearts

close to mine.