You Were Greater Than Any Hope


  1. Countryside House
  2. Love will not be divided (Part 1)
  3. Love (Part 2)
  4. LP
  5. greater than any hope
  6. Catalyst
  7. the deepest oceans
  8. the same steps
  9. i absorbed your heart
  10. I got a few words out of my mind tonight
  11. I loved you before I met you

1. Countryside House

In the countryside

is a house

that stands ready

for you and I

to live our lives in

beyond our years

& forever more

The countryside

lay in front

of our eyes

with our arms

around one another

adoring the view

& each other

A dream

of you and I

watching the sunset

as we sit in our

countryside house

A house

we will have created

from hard work

now to be


A roaring fire

is a desire

when winter is wild

& winds whistle

around the countryside house

yet we are warm

& in each other's arms

From sunrise to sunset

we'll one day have

our countryside house

next to the woods

where we'll walk

in every season

with our children

by our side


2. ‘Love will not be divided’ (Part 1)

Love will not be divided

never split

nor subtracted

as the heart will share

Love will not be divided

but multiplied

with added belief

that the world we live

will be fair and true

Love will not be divided

but shared equally

with the addition of a new heart

a bond will be built

holding each other's hands

together we will grow.

3. ‘Love’ (Part 2)


Divided (÷)

Added (+)

Never subtracted (-)

Multiplied (x)

Between brackets (love)

But always equal (=).

4. ‘LP’

The LP came out in April that year

with every song that could have been about you

This was the LP that defined a year

wanting to play every song I could

to let you hear how I feel about you

From the first time I saw your face

I dreamt of a caravan holiday with you

where we could find a golden beach

& lying in the sun with you

is all ever wanted to do

How the music played over and over

with you in mind and a young lady defined

we fell in love and the world was ours

We danced with my size nines

until the day and light had passed us by

& not a moment goes by

when the words of that LP

ring in my ears to remind me of you

forever dancing the day away

Love is like a good LP

you never want it to stop

& this is the LP I never want to stop.

5. ‘greater than any hope’

you were greater than any hope

hope faded but you are always there

picking me up from where i fell

when i thought there wasn’t anything left

nothing in my heart to keep me going

it was you who reignited me and my mind

the confidence once in me was gone

finding no words i muttered and stuttered

until you came to me with a hand across the shoulder

my mind couldn’t think for itself

yet you didn’t think for me you merely guided me

in the right direction back to the path i was on

for all the hope that i had in my life

it was you that was the greater good

not only for my life my the lives around me

you were greater than any hope

saving a heart and soul from sinking

setting a smile free to be itself.

6. ‘Catalyst’

The catalyst amongst memories

is a smile from a mile away

a year ago or decade gone by

How within a moment

the memory remembers


once the catalyst is triggered

Memories may sleep for years

but back to life they can come

within moments

breathing as strong now

as they did back then

The catalyst amongst memories

will always be there

waiting patiently

ready to remember

everything in a moment.

7. ‘the deepest oceans’

I miss the eyes

that gave me

the deepest oceans

to dive into

exploring the beauty

below the surface

that no one else had seen

Such beauty

I was in awe

& never wanted to leave

as I believed

you and I

were as deep as each other

in love

With your eyes

I dived deep

finding a beautiful heart

with a soothing soul

At the deepest point

of the oceans heart

I touched the beauty

the love and the soul

that would make my heart race

at a pulsating pace

Deep into the abyss

I couldn’t miss

the beauty of the heart

that powers the mind

in which I have fallen

in love with

and forever will be so.

8. ‘the same steps’

I walk the same steps as you

almost following the exact steps

however some time after you

but never before you have I been

In the breeze I smell your fragrance

as if you have just been here

with the silence between the breeze

I take the moment to think (of you)

There will be a time when we cross paths

as we did on hills gone by

(when you saw and scampered a different way)

but when and where that will be

may be only God will know as I

cannot see the future of where I decide to walk next

The same steps of the hill / countryside we walk

yet our lives differ but good they are

in a world where life can be unfair

our lives have treated as well to be who we are

Our lives path I hope will be long and adventurous

& if I do walk the same path with striding steps

I’ll always look out for you as I have always done

over every hill and every field I explore to be closer to you.

9. ‘i absorbed your heart’

i absorbed your heart

then i walked away

taking everything away

never saying i'm sorry

your heart was good to me

letting my life be free

i was all in love with you

then without a word

i went away

a year went by

& i still had your heart

i didn’t know what to do

yet i was never going to let go

your heart was good to me

but i broke what it was

when i walked further away

& so distant now

i don’t think i could give it back

but i’ve looked after it

caring for it

like i should have done so for you.

10. ‘I got a few words out of my mind tonight’

I got a few words out of my mind tonight

words I found out that no one will listen to

but at least I've said them out loud

Better out than in right?

My words won't change the world

however it may change the way you feel about me

or you'll go into the night and forget everything I've said

& your perception of me will differ somewhat to before

Letting you know the words my heart holds

makes it feel like it believes again

like it can be a open heart and soul it use to be

(for at least a moment)

With the words let out there is now an empty space

a void

something feels like it has been lost

& indeed in some way it has

Those words filled my mind and heart with hope

but now they have been let out

everything feels a little bit hollow

as the words somehow completed me

I got a few words out of my mind tonight

merely losing a whole lot more than I thought I would

all because deep down I feel something for you

& stupidly thought that you thought something for me

Now those words have gone somewhere

not knowing if I will get them back in some form or other

I walk aimlessly wondering if was ever worth letting them out.

11. ‘I loved you before I met you’

I loved you before I met you

how the fuck is that even possible?

There was something I felt that day

before everything that we are now

My heart felt that someone good

was about to enter my life

& indeed you walked my way

Never leaving as my heart knew

you'd be part of my life forever

I gave everything to keep you close

Hindsight told me it wasn’t love I felt

yet it was love at first sight

but a good feeling I had was very much real

so maybe it was some sort of love after all.