She's divine & on my mind

‘She's divine and on my mind’

Spying with my eye

She's divine and on my mind

Should you be there at all (I may say)

Sitting upon my thoughts

Speaking gently to my heart

Stroking her hair behind the ear

Sensitively I sit seduced by you

Staring and glaring into your eyes

Star struck and lost in your beauty

S/he holding hands softly

Spine tingles as one hand strokes another

Strings of the heart are plucked away

Sounds of the heart are starting to play

String by string a song is written and performed

Sorry is the eye for not smiling earlier

Smiling as bright as the sun shines

Sun setting upon my heart and mind

Soothing the world we have captured a moment

Sorry is the eye from you and I not glancing sooner

Subtle are the thoughts

Soaked with lust I must pause for a moment

Spying with my eye once more

She's divine and on my mind.