Soaking & nearly broken

‘Soaking & nearly broken’

The brambles scrape

With nettles stinging repeatedly

Branches bend and bash

Mud slips beneath the feet

With knees hitting the floor

Roots tripping and not forgiving

Rain falls with no pause for thought

Gates locked, bolted and blocked

Stumbling over stiles

Continuing for miles

Soaking and nearly broken

We stand back up

And carry on

With our journey

No nettle entwined with brambles

With a branch to bash us

To the muddy ground

Will stop out hearts from fighting on

With roots to cling to

And stiles to help us on our way

The rain can replenish the body

To help unblock those lock bolted gates

The eyes open wide

With our hearts belief and desire

For love, For life

Or the view at the end

We always stand back up

And fight for another day.