New Poetry

A couple of new poems

‘All for one night’

A night on the cold hard floor

May cause a little fright

Throughout the night

I (may not) (don’t) sleep very tight

But all for one night

I (will) feel the cold

The never ending cold

At the end of the day, the night

I can go home, a place I call home

To my wife and children

Kiss them upon their heads

& tell them I love them

Yet tonight, like last night

& the night before that

Plus the many before that

& tomorrow night, and many after

Through winter summer autumn and spring

There is someone sleeping on the cold floor of the world

Exposed to elements beyond the weather

All for one night

I (will) vaguely feel the cold

Only knowing it is for one night

Unlike the souls out every night.

Sunday night reminiscing. Uni times at the Greek listening to 'Caution Horses' (which lead to the love of Ezio).

I guess you need to have been there to know how good these nights were.

‘Sunday Greek’

The Greek

Sunday night

Music live

I felt alive

Songs played

Songs were sung

Export drank

Many a pint

On a Sunday night

Always wondered

Why Monday mornings

Were a little hazy

With friends

On a Sunday night

Everything felt

Just right

Rhythm of the songs

Felt as good then

As they do now

Sunday Greek

Was the best part

Of the week

A Sunday night

Now far

From the Greek

Yet memories

Now remembered


All while enjoying

An Export.