Don't let the hearts memories fade

Don’t let the hearts memories fade

Don’t let the hearts memories fade

the moments the heart rushed with blood

skipping higher than any mountain peak

The moment you and I met eye to eye

a heart pounded with a rush

it instantly became addictive

wanting more and more

Those times engraved on the memory

even after years from the event

once that day is thought of

they still bring a simper smile to the face

Whether the mind just forgets

or the mind starts to unfortunately fade

the hearts memories must be remembered

for as long as they can be

That rush of blood spiked with adrenalin

was love at first sight

when mind and heart just knew

that you were someone to never forget

yet that may be out of the bodies control

For you the memories may have all gone

no need to remember what you and I once shared

with our hearts lay bare then

now the world differs greatly

and the years have just gone by

I remember memories now

that you never would

(or at least I don’t think you would)

but I will never know

as our paths have walked in different ways

Don't let the hearts memories fade

for as long as they are alive in the heart

it keeps the heart going

whether memories of now, or then.