The bike she use to ride

The bike she use to ride

As he stared at the bike she use ride

It stood against the wall

Very still unlike it use to be

It hadn’t been touched for years

Not since the passing of the life that once road it

Along the country lanes she use to ride

I saw her daily as I walked the path

The path to the view

The view with many memories

We use to enjoy that view

Our first kiss was there

After courting for many weeks

I saw something in her

I had never seen before

We cycled in the lanes

Wind in the hair

Without a thought for anyone else

One day I’ll restore that bike

To the beauty once like it’s owner

Yet it would bring back many memories

Of all being good times had

With the bike against the wall

I still imagine her collecting it to ride

Swift like a summer’s breeze

She’d be away and riding

One day it’ll be ridden again

When I have the courage to remember the memories

Why the need for courage you may ask?

If all the memories were good

Then remember now and forever more

The truth is I want to remember the memories

But it just makes me fill with sadness

That I miss her so much each day

No matter how much I remember

She won’t be back to collect her bike

I will restore her bike one day

I’ll ride it to the views

Through the lanes

Like we used to do

Remember her like she was still here

Her bike is resting

Just like she is now

I have no doubt she’s riding in heaven

Willing me on to ride that bike again

To feel the wind in the hair

I will do so one day

And when the time comes

We’ll ride together again

In heaven above.