Why that hill?

Why that hill?

No one will ever understand why I like this hill so much

It is after all just a hill, with a view of the city below

The larger hills in the background as clear as I have ever seen them

It’s peaceful up here, only a dim hum of the cars on the motorway

The view is in my eyes spectacular

Especially on a warm summer's evening like today

The sun shining and a slight cool breeze, but not much more

Through the trees I walk in the shade

The ground is dry unlike the last time I was here

Back then there was a foot of snow upon the ground

A sharp cold breeze and a much tougher walk than today

Through the shade of the trees you wouldn’t think it was sunny

Then as you walk the trees part their way

The world opens up into a sunny glorious view

I sit by the edge of the cheese roll and I look out at the view

No one will ever understand why I like it so much up here

Always something new to look at, find, admire

I have fond memories of here, first starting with scouting up here

Since then I have always more often than not been a lonely visitor to here

The walk clears the mind, the heart gets a work out from the ascent

It’s not mountain nor is it too easy, just a nice pleasant walk

With rewarding views at the end of it to help the mind think a little bit more

With the hill just on the doorstep I could visit so much more

However it makes it all worthwhile when I do get to visit

With the camera in hand each photo I take differs from one to the next

It will always be a part of me, although I will never understand why

A place I can call my muse shall we say, a thought provoking place

Why that hill I may say? I do not know, or need not worry why.